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Home security Sexual abuse of children on the Internet: Information from the FBI

Sexual abuse of children on the Internet: Information from the FBI

FBIThe FBI has warned it Twitter for online sexual assault targeting teenagers in the United States. Online sexual abuse is a common phenomenon.

In an FBI blog post, some examples were given: “One of the victims was an 14 year old boy from the West ,. Another victim of the Michigan was only 12 years old. A 17year old girl from Ohio, tried to commit suicide in a desperate attempt to escape this situation. "

The FBI has identified 20 teenagers who were harassed, threatened, and sexually exploited by a particular man.

The service emphasizes that young people, when using social media, should avoid anyone who is not aware of their real life.

The FBI has noticed a significant increase in sexual crimes in Internet. They mainly refer to forcing a child (from an adult) to take pictures or video sexual content, depicting the child itself, and then sending the content over the internet to the criminal.

According to the police, criminals "fisher" their victims in social media, in chat applications and Gaming platforms.

The first sexual photo can be sent for many reasons. But what makes the children continue to send sexual content is fear, coercion and manipulation. Beyond threats and coercion, however, children are afraid to reveal to their parents what they have done because they consider it bad or ashamed. They are afraid, perhaps, that they will be punished. And so, they continue to succumb to the demands of the perpetrator.

The FBI answers the questions, which everyone thinks:

Why should the child or teen agree to do so?

Criminals are people who are unscrupulous and know exactly what they have to do to convince the young victim. They can reach the victim through apps, games, and social media. They use different ways to achieve their goals. They may be flirting, to say good words, to try to create a supposedly romantic relationship. Others, again, may offer the child something, who wants and in return to request a photo (for example, a criminal may ask a young girl for a naked photo and promise her a contract on a model agency). They can also offer credit cards, money, cryptocurrencies, gift cards and more. Depending on how each child assesses.

However, there is also the possibility to threaten the child directly. They say they already have pictures and threaten to make them public or to harm the child or his family.

My child would never do that.

FBI research and interviews have shown that all children are likely to fall victim online sexual abuse regardless of age, gender, national and socio-political class. The only common feature of victims is access to the Internet.

Why do not the victims talk to someone and ask for help?

The main reason, the victims do not speak, is φόβος. They are afraid of the criminal himself, fearing their parents even the authorities. Children know that what they have done is not right and they usually feel ashamed. They are afraid they will be punished. In addition, the criminal may tell them they will be accused of childish pornography and that they will be considered criminals and prosecuted by the authorities.

How to protect children and adolescents?

The FBI stresses that proper information and open lines of communication are the best defense. Young people should know that the dangers exist everywhere. Explain to children that people who are not actually aware but only on the internet can pretend and not be the ones they say they are.

In addition, they need to know that everything that is shared in Internet, he always stays there, even if he tries to turn it off. Therefore, there is always the possibility of publishing an inappropriate photo.

Also, it is good to set some limits on the use of the Internet of the children. For example, they can only enter specific ones sites and for specific hours a day. Finally, it is suggested that it be done control on devices, used by minors, so that the guardians know what applications they use and with whom they communicate and take care to make private accounts in social media so that criminals do not find information.

The most important thing is to show your child that you are next to him and that you support it. This will help to be open and not afraid to talk to you about what's going on. Most criminals rely on the fact that the child is afraid to talk and so he continues to succumb. Show the child that he can trust you. Stay next to him and tell him about the dangers.

Of course, when such an occurrence is revealed, a complaint should be made immediately.


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