HomesecurityThe Bianlian trojan steals banking information by capturing screen elements

The Bianlian trojan steals banking information by capturing screen elements

BianlianThe hackers can create malicious software, which is impossible to detect by ordinary users. This is because they are constantly developing techniques and have found ways to hide the malicious software they send to their victims. Such software is also banking trojan, Bianlian, which affects users Android worldwide.

BianLian was also used in the past to spread malware such as Anubis. However, reportedly, hackers have developed more than that malicious Bianlian software and is not only used to distribute malware. With the new updates, the trojan has become much more dangerous.

How does BianLian malware work?

Essentially, this malicious software it enters your Android smartphone as a bundleware at λήψη and installing an application, which usually comes from an unknown source. When downloading, the application requests permission from the user to gain access to the Android accessibility service smartphone. If the user allows the application to access, then BianLian will start working and will be able to read the SMS to do calls, even having access to banking applications, which the user has.

In one of the malware updates, one was added screen capture feature, making the software even more dangerous. This feature records everything in the screen of the mobile. So, hackers can gain access to personal informationsuch as usernames, passwords, and other bank related information. This, in turn, could lead to theft of money.

However, beyond the feature recording screen data, hackers also use a technique that does not allow, at least for ordinary users, to detect it.

According to an Android researcher named Dario Durando, “BianLian seems to be still under development. Extra features, though not entirely original, are effective and make this malware very dangerous. "

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