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Home security Chinese company, offering smart home solutions, exposed 2 billion ...

Chinese company, offering smart home solutions, exposed 2 billion files

His special investigators vpnMentor they discovered that a Chinese company, offering smart home solutions, leaked billions of files from Appliances, managed by its cloud platform.

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The researchers found an exposed database that appears to belong to the company Orvibo.

The research team analyzed the database and found that there were approximately 2 billion files, which included several personally datasuch as usernames, emails, passwords, and even their locations of the devices.

The leaked files come from devices that are mainly used by people and organizations in China, Japan, Thailand, the USA, the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Australia and Brazil.

The news for the exposed database was made known through a vpnMentor blog post: “Our cyber security research team, led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, discovered an open database, linked to Orvibo products. Smart Home. The database contains over 2 billions of files. "

However, despite the public announcement, experts noted that the files remain exposed, while at the same time the number of information included in the database increases each day.

Η platform of Orvibo, called SmartMate, is used by about one million users. Users are mainly private individuals and hotels that use the platform to manage their devices (eg smart gauges, smart mirrors, smart cameras, HVAC systems, etc.).

VpnMentor reported on the blog post that it did not include all the leaked files, the same amount of personal data. However, the number of information is so great that one could form a complete picture of it identity of a user.

Researchers discovered exposed files in mid-June. On June 16 informed the company itself about the issue security and have since done so many times.

There is currently no evidence to prove malicious hackers managed to gain access to the vast amount of data.

According to the researchers, this is a huge leakage of data, which can have a significant impact. All Orvibo devices that have been affected may put on risk users. It's not just about stealing user's personal information. The data contained in database files can help cheaters attack the devices but also lead them to the homes of the users (as some sites are known), which means that users could be the victim of a theft .


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