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Home security China: Installs malware on tourist phones and steals data

China: Installs malware on tourist phones and steals data

ChinaChina has been blamed many times for interfering with private people's lives, using different systems monitoring. However, according to a report by Vice, the methods tracking it uses has gone to another level.

According to the report, border guards in China are forcing tourists to settle in mobile one software, which is actually a malicious one software. It is designed to copy messages and contacts and scans them phones to access documents and other data that tourists have on their mobile.

This practice is not used in all areas. However, it is applied to several and certainly the Chinese government approves it.

For example, many tourists have reported such incidents when entering Xinjiang, the Uighur, a Turkish Muslim community living in China.

The Chinese government has never been friendly to the Uighur, and for decades it has been trying to track their every move. New malicious software, called BXAQ or Fengcai, is likely to track Uighur and all who like it and visit the area.

The Xinjiang border is rigorous and there are many measures security. Part of the control process is also the concession of the mobile phone for a brief search.

Vice sent malware to security companies for analysis. The results showed that this is not a software that exploits possible security issues on the phone. What he does is to copies a huge amount of data from the phone and sends it to servers in China.

Fengcai malware is essentially one application Android and requests several licenses to access many personal data.

Guardians install the application by skipping multiple levels of protection, by default, to prevent accidental installation of unverified applications.

Immediately after the installation, the application sends the server record messaging, contacts, calendar entries, and even credentials accounts.

After copying the data, the software scans the phone for more than 70.000 documents. He searches for various flames, from extremist Islamic material to simple harmless things, such as the Koran. It scans anything that could be useful or sophisticated for China.

Η application of course, provides the ability to uninstall, but surely when this is done, the process of copying and scanning data is complete.

As we have said above, this practice is not used in all parts of China, but it will not seem strange to us if it is applied everywhere.


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