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Artificial Intelligence: Can it be used for hacking purposes?


We are getting closer to the age when artificial intelligence will be the dominant one technology. This means that it is very likely that this technology will also be used hackers for data theft and other illegal activities.

According to Isaac Ben-Israel, director of the ICRC Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber ​​Research Center in Tel Aviv, this is not something that will happen immediately but it will surely happen. For this reason, the experts security they have to think about how they will face future attacks.

Already, artificial intelligence is being used in more and more areas. According to Ben-Israel, what counts in addressing threats is not the level of technological development. The issue is the attitude that we have towards security and attacks.

"Many companies adopt the most advanced technology solutions to protect themselves from targeted and persistent attacks and other threats, using systems, based on artificial intelligence. " This makes companies feel confident about their safety and rest. In fact, however, when this happens, the attack by hackers is given.

According to Ben-Israel, hackers are always one step ahead. Artificial intelligence can be used to detect new attack techniques through mechanical learning, but hackers can also use methods based on artificial intelligence to make suspicious behaviors normal.

Hackers can use mechanical learning to perform a range of illegal activities:

  • Collection of information - prepare for attack.
  • Delegation- trying to imitate a familiar person.
  • Unauthorized access - bypassing restrictions to gain access to user accounts and more.
  • Attack - performing a real attack, e.g. with malware, etc.
  • Automation - automation of the holding.

Through mechanical learning, all of this can be made even easier. The easiest procedures are to collect information and impersonation.

If a hacker wants to trick a user to open one malicious link, can use mechanical learning. Mechanical learning, combined with data from social media, can help the hacker choose the right target. To choose, for example, a worker who does not have much knowledge of technology to be an easier victim. Someone who never talks about technology but about other issues is more likely not to know much about security in Internet.

Various predictive, aggregation and classification methods can be used to identify the appropriate victims.

Ben-Israel believes that the solution to these future threats can be found if there are three things: knowledge-awareness, reinforcement of the field of artificial intelligence, greater attention to basic safety. Israel emphasizes that experts should not be confined to adopting technology solutions but should constantly monitor them, update them, and they should also be informed about the latest cyber security news.

Finally, as always, there is human element. Hackers often use a very effective technique, the social engineering. They use the emotional element of people. For this reason, it is necessary to train employees to identify suspicious emails, links, attachments, etc. Education is one of the most basic elements of cyber security.

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