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Top 5 Wi-Fi hacking apps for Android without root. Easy and fast!

LOC 5 Wi-Fi hacking apps for Android without root: You do not have internet. The date on the cellphone are over and you feel that suddenly you live in the Middle Ages or you are a shipwreck on an island. There is a way to put an end to your misery. Always take care that your energies are careful and do not exceed the limits.

Let's learn some Wi-Fi hacking applications through which you can break it password a Wi-Fi within a few minutes.

  1. WiFi WPS WPA Tester

This is the best and most popular app to crack one password without root. If you use Lollipop or a newer version of Android you do not even have to root your device to break a WiFi network.


  • Easy to use
  • free
  • Decrypt the password in no time.
  • Apply many algos like Zhao, Arris, Dlink and more.


You need root access if you are using an older version of Lollipop.

Wi-Fi hacking

  1. WPS Connect

Routers that have enabled a protocol WPS can be violated with this application. The important thing is that almost all routers in public places and homes fall into this category. In short, you will have what you want.


  • FREE and easy to use
  • Powerful algorithms (Zhao & easyboxPin) for password cracking
  • Supports connection of Wi-Fi routers


  • Not supported by some Android devices
  • Autoconfiguration could not be detected automatically.

  1. WiFi WPS WPA Premium Tester

This is an excellent application for decrypting the WiFi password. It works well in rooted and non-rooted android devices. If, of course, you can root your device then you will definitely get better results.


  • It works for both root and non-rooted Android devices.


  • It is one premium apk.
  • It does not always guarantee access to the nearby network.
  • It is not good to connect with high-security wireless routers.


   4. WiFi Password


WiFi Password is a completely free application for those who do not want to escape from the Internet even when the data on the Internet is running out. You can connect to other WiFi routers and use it Internet their.


  • Millions of WiFi Hotspots
  • Scan and detect WiFi security
  • Connect in close proximity without knowing your WiFi password
  • You can just add a free WiFi Hotspot by sharing passwords with others.


  • Nonetheless, there are some glitches sometimes.

Wi-Fi hacking

5. WiFi Kill Pro


WiFi Kill is one of the best WiFi network controller applications. It can disable the Internet connection of other devices that are plugged into the same network. It is a useful tool for Internet users who want to improve the speed of their data by disabling the internet connection by allocating all bandwidth to their device only.



  • You can see all connected devices on the same network as you.
  • Show the data transfer rate of all devices
  • Network activity tracking
  • You can cut off the network connection of any connected device.
  • It works well in tablets as well


  • Requires root access
  • Requires editing Android 4.0.3 or later


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