HomesecurityVassilis Papakostas - Electronic Crime Division: Risks on the Internet!

Vassilis Papakostas - Cybercrime Directorate: The Dangers of the Internet!

Vasilis Papakostas, head of the Electronic Crime Division, speaks to protothema and explains to parents what they should be careful - How to protect their children - Practical advice - When should parents be mobilized - How to choose user name and password - Dark web: The dark internet that conceals criminals, pedophiles and scammers

Electronic Crime

A base of pedophiles, Satanists, drug dealers and weapons and all kinds of criminals is the Internet. Through this electronic space They "fish" their victims, who become obedient to their intentions and actions.

The recent success of the police officers of the Electronic Crime Division headed by the Police Director Vasilis Papakostas with the arrest of 19Brown, who photographed her underage sister naked, Dark Web images, highlights the use of the Dark Web within which criminal organizations are hidden.

«Our Service is actively involved in International Business. In this framework, 6's 6th Victim Identification Task Force (XNUMXth Victim Identification Task Force) took place at its headquarters Europol in the Hague, the Netherlands, for the detection of underage victims of sexual abuse and trafficking of audiovisual material via the Internet.»

Within the framework of this specialized operation, the Agency's representatives identified material relating to a minor girl who lived in Greece. After the investigation, there were also electronic traces in our country, which, with the proper exploitation, led to the identification of persons and then to the investigation of the case.

It is important to note that Steven Wilson, head of the European Cybercrime Center at Europol, said in relation to this World Business that: “The life and dignity of every child is of paramount importance to all of us " the Director of the Directorate for the Prosecution of Electronic Crime, Mr. Vassilis Papakostas, said in the First Subject.

The Dark Web or Dark Web is the online field of action of criminals. There is the possibility for thousands of pedophiles to come in contact or to criminal organizations to sell weapons, drugs, people, and in some cases dark deaths are also signed through death. For what is dark web but also where the Internet is going, Mr. Papakostas said: "TThe Surface Web (also visible web, clearnet, cataloged web, or lightnet) represents that portion of the World Wide Web that is available to the public searchable by shared search engines.»


Deep Web (also known as Deepnet, Undernet, the invisible Web or the hidden Web) refers to the content of the World Wide Web that does not belong to the Surface Web and is not detected by an ordinary search engine and access to it does not require anyone specific anonymous software.
We should clarify that dark web and deep web are not the same! The size of the dark web is much smaller than the deep web. The Dark Web is a term that refers to specific websites that are publicly visible, but "hide" them. IP addresses of their servers. Dark Web sites are not detected by ordinary search engines, and access to them is done only with certain anonymous software. "

Papacostas points out: "Their presence and their action malicious users on the internet is detected in all forms of crime that do not require the presence of an offender and a victim in person for the commission of such offenses. The offense exists mainly in the form of attacks against computer systems, malware infection, child pornography sharing, online scams, theft and misuse of personal data, intellectual property violations, money laundering, harassment attacks (Cyberbullying), illicit trafficking in weapons, drugs, drugs, people, works of art, etc. In other words, the internet provides its users with services and services, and inevitably provides facilities for criminal activity and anti-social behavior.

Electronic Crime

Internet crime is globalized and fast growing, as its spread is rapid and is in line with the evolution and penetration of computer technology in societies. The architecture and design of information systems provide important facilities for users, both offenders and non-users, who in combination with transnationality, lack of experience and security measures by users, use encryption, TOR, Deep Web, and Dark Web, cryptosmobility, Cloud services, etc., make it harder for law enforcement authorities to collect evidence and identify online criminals.

Today, internet crime is a daily occurrence, since these crimes can be committed by anyone malicious user which is located anywhere on the planet and to hit remote citizens located in any other Country.

One of the most significant cyber threats is the re-offending of crime and the provision of online crime services as a service known as "Crime as a Service". This service is provided on a fee and is used by organized crime circuits for all online crimes and especially for attacks in critical state and non-digital infrastructures, terrorism, illicit trafficking in weapons, people, drugs, etc. We see that internet crime is commercialized both in terms of maturity and supply, and it is increasing. This development, combined with the transnationality of this crime and the different legal frameworks, systems and rules for the administration of justice from Country to Country, raise very serious issues of criminal law and justice, as its methodological examples and categories are continually tested for their regulatory capacity. "


As can be seen from the official statistics of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Division, the total number of cases handled by the EL.AS service 2018 reached 4857 and was related to financial frauds through the Internet, illegal access to computer systems and violation of personal data law .

However, as Mr Papakostas points out,our service also places special emphasis on minor offenses. In this context, the specialized Department of Child Protection and Digital Inquiry also works, as well as a specialized psychologist».

Only 2018 the Electronic Crime Division prevented 368 suicides

It was remarkable that the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office contributed to the appropriate handling and prevention of 368 incidents of Internet suicide intention. «One day in the Service all its staff develop daily targeted actions to inform citizens on a precautionary level of cyber crime and also deal with cases of cybercrime investigation and prosecution, as well as advice or guidance to citizens on Internet issues that concern them"Mr Papacostas will say, adding that too many parents are turning to the service for their children. "Our primary focus is on parents whose children they have victims online or display some behavior that concerns them, such as chatting with strangers, posting personal information and photos, overuse of the internet, and especially abuse of social media, behaviors that lead to neglect of their obligations, even to addiction. In most cases parents do not know how to use themselves internet safely and therefore how to direct their children as technology evolves rapidly and this makes them more insecure.

Papakostas e-Crime Directorate

In this context, the Electronic Crime Investigation Directorate, recognizing the need for continued and valid information, is implementing a platform of innovative targeted actions through which it informs children and parents on a daily basis. "

What is the advice of the head of the Electronic Crime Division?

However, what Mr. Papakostas points out the most is that the basic advice he would give to parents is good parent-child communication. «Talking openly to their children about the dangers of the internet and the consequences malicious acts. If they show them that they are interested and openly speaking, they give them a sense of security and security, and in no case should they work with bans. Parents have to admit and accept that children are usually a step forward in information and knowledge about new technology. Most parents tend to be wary of using them because of the risks involved. This must be overcome. The age requires parents to be trained in the use of new technologies, to understand their function and the dangers that exist, in order to inform and protect their children. Remember that even if they lack technical knowledge they can help their children through the experience they have. Let their children know that the person they are chatting with on the internet is not always the one they seem to be someone who wants to hurt them. To advise children how to choose their username and password, avoiding the use of personal information. To teach their children to protect their privacy on the internet, as in the real world. In any case, they will have to shield children, digital citizens of the future, to face every difficulty and to be next to them to advise and direct it if they feel fear or concern in Internet. Remember that the Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office remains 24 hours your 24time ally in Safe Browsing on the Internet. "