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Home security False Woolworths website fools the company's customers

False Woolworths website fools the company's customers


Its buyers Woolworths have recently received a warning that a false website of the company offers free groceries for a year.

The fake web page of Woolworths, has more than 25.500 followers and constantly publishes false offers for free groceries.

On Sunday the page posted a post celebrating its birthday and decided to give a lucky person a share and leave the "Done" comment below the post until June 27, free items for a year.

The publication seems to have achieved its purpose and managed to gather more than 1700 user feedback, which even suggested to their friends to take part in the contest. Unfortunately for them this offer is not valid and the page has nothing to do with the true Woolworths.

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The page is accustomed to making such bids for various prizes in exchange for shares and likes every few months.

But when the date of the contest is gone and it is the time for a winner to be announced, the page usually publishes an announcement stating that the person who won was not able to claim his / her prize.

Another post on 15 May, in which the site offered $ 500 and a "surprise gift" got over 16.000 comments and so many more shares.

Some of the users who have fallen into the trap are trying to alert the other followers while many are also asking for that page to come down.

How can you understand that a page is bogus?

An online phishing scam, so-called Phishing, it is a kind of e-mail or an alert that will try to deceive you to provide personal or financial information.

A frequent example is the contests and notices that you have won a prize asking you to give personal details in order to claim the prize. Another example is to ask you to click on a link to complete a survey that contains attachments.

So, if you encounter such alerts and messages, it is preferable not to provide any personal information and not to click on any link, as if hackers can acquire your information they can steal money from your account or use them for other malicious purposes.

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