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AI tool predicts breast cancer 5 years before it occurs

toolThe researchers, at the Institute of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence of MIT, have developed a new tool, which they claim, can predict it development breast cancer for up to five years before it occurs. The particular with this new tool is that the researchers have made it useful for both white and colored women. In the past, there have been similar programs, which, however, were effective only when used in white women.

This is very important, according to MIT, because black women are much more likely (42%) to die of breast cancer than white women. This may be due, to a large extent, to the fact that colored women do not have access to techniques early detection of the disease. MIT stated that this program aims to help minorities, which are often not taken into account when developing health-promoting tools, so that they can understand the risks and to detect the existence of a disease.

The tool, designed by MIT, used more than 90.000 mammograms overall and medical results from 60.000 patients from the Massachusetts General Hospital. The researchers first used this data and then the deep learning method to observe something that could not be easily detected by clinicians. It is not based on existing knowledge about risk factors. The results showed that the tool is effective and can predict the development of breast cancer before a clinical diagnosis is made.

The overall goal of researchers, with this new tool, is to help health professionals quickly identify the disease and eliminate the common non-early diagnosis phenomenon. MIT hopes that this technique can also be used to detect other diseases presenting similar risk factors.


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