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NBC has decided to remove "The Office" from Netflix

The NBC decided to abolish “The Office" from Netflix the 2021 and include the show in the new one streaming service of the company. The deal will be exclusive for five years.

That's it “The Office"Was the row with the most views in Netflix for 2018, according to the Jumpshot analyst firm.

The Office

Rumors want Netflix to make an offer to keep the order but was rejected. In particular, he was willing to pay up to 90 million dollars per year for rights, but NBC does not seem to be convinced. One idea that was being considered was to divide the rights Netflix could offer ad-free tracking, and NBC's service is supported by ads.

NBC and other media companies have fought for the content required to license third-party services such as Netflix and Amazon. NBC said it would not be perplexing to remove content from streaming services and weaken potentially profitable contracts.

However, this particular decision aims to persuade more people to subscribe to new streaming service, which will be based on advertising revenue. NBC said the streaming service would be free for subscribers of traditional pay-TV packages. It will cost about 10 dollars per month.

AT&T WarnerMedia, which has also launched its own streaming service, plans to finally add the "Friends" series and other successful Netflix series, which it hopes will reach at least 70 million subscribers.


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