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Bill Gates: Government needs to control technology companies


According to a statement of the well-known entrepreneur Bill Gates, the US government will need to strengthen its regulation with regard to major technology enterprises, which have an impact on culture, business and more generally in all areas of life.

"Technology has become so much the center of everyday life, so governments need to think: What does this mean for the election, what does it mean to intimidate? What does this mean for the principles that let you discover what is happening with money laundering and all these issues, "said the founder of Microsoft (MSFT) at the Washington Economic Club on Monday. "So yes, the government has to get involved."

Gates talked about everything during his speech, from the founding of Microsoft to the investment he has made in clean energy. However, his views on government intervention in the technology sector were particularly important, given the recent governmental control over the practices, influence and privacy of technology companies such as Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG), both by law enforcement authorities and by political candidates.

Gates said he expects that "there will be more control over technology, particularly with regard to privacy issues." Privacy and user privacy have often been spotted, especially after major scandals such as connected to Facebook.

"The fact that this is now the way people deal with the media means that we have to shape it so that the benefits outweigh the negatives," he said.

Gates said on Monday that today's giants of technology managed to learn from his mistakes in the past. Microsoft itself had faced in the past antitrust treatment, which forced her to change some of her practices.

And it is obvious that his company has now learned from its mistakes, since it has so far avoided the anti-monopoly lawsuits currently faced by other major technology companies.


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