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Home security At jail IT consultant. He was the ethical hacker, and he was acting humbly

At jail IT consultant. He was the ethical hacker, and he was acting humbly

Η ASIC, an Australian regulator, announced that IT consultant Steven Oakes was sentenced to 3 for years imprisonment as he attended the ethical hacker and acted improperly. However, it will be released after 18 months of imprisonment if it shows correct behavior.

The hacker admitted his guilt for 11 charges for confidential transactions, and for unauthorized access to data in order to commit a serious offense (dealing with confidential information). In addition, he is accused of modifying personal electronic devices required by ASIC.


About Steven Oakes he broke it network private computers of Port Phillip Publishing (PPP) based in Melbourne, and watched and deciphered the data Wi-Fi to obtain the PPP staff credentials.

Confidential information was used in 70 cases to buy shares in 52 different companies. Then, by selling the shares, he was drawing millions.

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During the ASIC survey, the police officers visited Mr Oakes at his home and asked him to provide officers with specific electronic devices immediately. However, he did not want to surrender them. When the devices were finally analyzed by ASIC's digital analysts, they found that Mr Oakes had modified the Appliances to delete data on ASIC research.

However, his capture was now given and inevitable. THE malicious hacker, had created a very good cover as an ethical hacker to act impassively but without success.


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