YouTube tactics make users' safety more difficult!

YouTube tactics make users' safety more difficult!

The need to achieve Internet security is, for those who are involved, of primary importance. One of the most common tactics, ...
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Hackers have violated 62 American colleges by exploiting ERP vulnerability

The US Department of Education has announced that a group of hackers has violated 62 systems and colleges by using a vulnerability ...
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White hat hacker is accused of hacking Bulgaria's tax office

An expert in the field of cyber security and white hat hacker, who is accused of hacking the data more than ...
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FSB: Hackers have violated the Russian Security Service!

Hackers have violated the servers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) by gaining access to 7.5 terabytes of data from a major Sybate FSB contractor. The...
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Chrome & Firefox extensions stole millions of data

A huge leak of data was discovered by security researcher Sam Jidali and his team. Leakage came from 8 ...
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Hackers have violated global telecoms systems!

Hackers have a systems more than twelve global telecoms companies resulting in a large number of personal and corporate data, according to security research researchers Cybereason.

Security researchers, who work with the US-Israel, have said that The attackers threatened companies in more than 30 countries.


The main purpose of this espionage is to gather information about people working in the government, law enforcement and politics. The team is associated with a Chinese cyber spying campaign.

The tools used by hackers were similar to other attacks carried out by Beijing, but the country refused to participate in any illegal activity.

Lior Div, Managing Director of Cybereason, said that "This high level of complexity is not one hacking group. Only one government has capabilities that can do this kind of attack».

The company did not name the networks - only that some are great service providers, while smaller companies are in "unique and interesting" locations, possibly becoming a strategic target for hackers. Cybereason said the situation remains "fluid" and continues.

The company also did not name the targeted persons. «We started and then stopped ", said Div, when the company realized the sensitivity and severity of hackers' assault.

Obviously, they built a perfect spy environment. So they can steal the information they like about the goals they are interested in.

The issue remains in progress.

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