Password Alert: 72% of users are recycling passwords!

Password Alert: 72% of users are recycling passwords!

Password Alert: Users recycle the same password on average four times, according to a report ....
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Oakland: The third US city forbidding face recognition

Oakland, California, becomes the third US city that has decided to ban face recognition software from ...
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Apps are removed from the Google Play Store due to ads

Google has taken strictest measures against apps in the Play Store, which are trying with insidious methods to abuse their ...
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Israeli spyware was detected on Google, iCloud and Facebook

An Israeli spyware from NSO has been particularly discussed over the past year. One of the most recent incidents concerns ...
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RAT targets financial institutions and government agencies

Security researchers have identified a new campaign targeting financial institutions and government agencies with a custom version of a remote access ...
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How to block spam calls and messages from your Samsung mobile

Some of the most annoying things are spam calls and spam messages. At best, it's just a nuisance. In the worst case scenario, it can be dangerous scams. Just last year, over 26 billions of robocalls were made in the US. Some people choose to ignore phone calls altogether.

There's no reason to quit some of your smartphone's features to avoid unwanted ads. In a few simple steps, you can have better control of spam and ads on Samsung your device.

Ad Blocker

Potentially dangerous ads not only come in the form of call spam, but they can also appear on websites. Malware can be spread through malicious ads, also known as malvertisements, placed in legal and popular websites and endanger the safety of mobile devices.

Ad blockers remove malicious messages from your browser, making you safe. The Samsung Internet allows users to activate at the same time up to five ad blockers for a safer browsing experience.


Smart Anti-Tracking

Have you ever wondered how certain websites seem to know your tastes and preferences? As soon as you load the page, product ads tailored to your interests are immediately displayed. These targeted ads are made possible by Trackers, followed by your clicks and browsing habits.

Samsung Internet uses machine learning to track trackers on a site. Removing them cookies monitoring, Smart Anti-tracking of Samsung Internet prevents websites from viewing your online activities.

How to enable Smart Anti-tracking:

  1. Open 'Samsung Internet menu'
  2. Type 'Settings'
  3. Select »Privacy and Security»
  4. Select 'Smart anti-tracking' and 'On'

Smart Call1

Knowing who is calling you is the first step in eliminating spam calls and running Smart Call of Samsung helps you in this. The function automatically detects and detects robocalls and lets you just block or report spam numbers. Go to 'Caller ID and spam protection' in Call settings to turn on the function. Turn on 'Caller ID and spam protection' in Call settings to turn on smart dialing.

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