Messenger Kids app: Error expose underage children!
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Messenger Kids app: Error expose underage children!

About two years ago, Facebook after constant demand from users for secure children's communication through ...
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Cloud-based hosting provider iNSYNQ fell victim to ransomware

Last Tuesday, iNSYNQ, which offers virtual desktop environments, fell victim to ransomware, causing it to shut down ....
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Malicious framework generates 1 million ads

Flashpoint researchers have discovered a great advertising framework that is parasitic of Google AdSense ads. Researchers have said that ...
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Equifax: 650 fine for million-dollar hacking for 2017

Equifax is going to pay a huge fine (about 650 million dollars) for the 2017 data breach incident ....
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VLC Media Player: Vulnerability allows hackers to run code

Critical vulnerability was discovered in the current version of VLC Media Player. This flaw allows hackers to execute code in ...
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The ransomware attack on Eurofins has affected the United Kingdom police service


A attack held at a global provider of Eurofins scientific testing services, could result in a big financial blow to the company.

Although no one was discovered leakage personal information or authorized theft, the UK police have suspended all its work with the company, which is believed to perform at least half of all toxicological, ballistic, forensic and DNA analyzes for the police force.

About Eurofins

Headquartered in Brussels, Eurofins provides scientific controls on food, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, environmental and forensic testing, clinical diagnosis and other types of scientific testing in companies and governments.

It manages a network of more than 800 workshops in 47 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific, with a total of over 45.000 lab employees.

A few days before the attack, the company has opened a safety testing lab IoT in Groningen, the Netherlands.

About the attack

Eurofins was hit by an unknown one ransomware the first weekend in June.

The attack affected some of the company's systems, which in order to minimize the damage suspended their operation and then investigated the incident with the help of law enforcement agencies and security companies.

Eurofins claimed on June 10 that attack standards and information from law enforcement and independent cyber-security experts led them to "believe that this attack has been carried out by highly sophisticated actors with sufficient resources."

The company did not share what it was ransomware was what struck its systems, only that it is now detectable by security methods. It also did not mention which of the laboratories have been affected, only that they are in different countries.

The company said that as of Monday June 17, the vast majority of works in its affected laboratories were restored.

The result of the attack

The company said its focus has been on fully restoring its systems so that it can once again provide its customers with the high-level services they are used to.

So far, it is difficult to assess how it affected or affect the company's financial results.

The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) said on Friday that "the attack suffered by Eurofins Scientific has affected the IT systems of its Eurofins Forensics Services subsidiary, based in the United Kingdom, and is one of the primary providers of forensic services to British police. "

As a result, the NPCC temporarily suspended all law enforcement cases in this subsidiary.

"Our priority is to minimize the impact on the criminal justice system. We have implemented our national contingency plans, which will submit urgent submissions and will prioritize alternative suppliers as soon as possible, "chief police officer James Vaughan said.

The suspension came into effect on June 3 and the company has been ordered to return any cases that have not started.

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