Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

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Dark school webing: When students hack their school

schoolchildrenThe examinations at school is one of the biggest sources of stress for students. Many times, something can go wrong and the results are not good. It has happened to almost everyone. This makes some students try harder, while others decide to change their goals. There is also a third class of students who use other methods to pass the exam.

In recent years, an "underground industry" has been developed dark school webing, where students can participate in forum chat, find videos that show ways hacking of the school system or even find false certificates and diplomas in the black market.

Let's see what the students are doing and how schools and colleges can be protected.

Access to points

Many schools, following the imperatives of the modern technological era, use online platforms, which provide information on school activities, homework, ratings, and grades, and enable communication between parents and teachers. However, many platforms are available at Internet, which makes them vulnerable.

One of the most popular school platforms is PowerSchool. PowerSchool has one vulnerability (CVE-2007-1044), which could allow a hacker to log the content of the admin folder through a specially designed URL.

However, this vulnerability does not allow the attacker to bypass him control or obtain full access to information. This can be done with their use credentials of the bill.

The PowerSchool platform, as well as many other platforms, is protected by user names and passwords only.

In March of 2019, some students hacked the PowerSchool platform to change their grades. As many people use themselves codes in many accounts, it is very likely that the platform was violated through stolen or re-used credentials.

Hacking services and fake diplomas in black markets

With a simple search on Internet, one can find offers for hacking services and forged certificates, diplomas and degrees from any institution. The process is very simple. The only thing you need is filling in an order form and providing contact details.

Improving security in education

How, then, can schools, colleges, universities and even employers be protected from fraudsters and fake diplomas?

As far as certificates and diplomas are concerned, Companies they must check their authenticity through communication with the institution. If there is no student file, then the degree is rather false.

As far as online platforms of schools are concerned, they should be taken some measures for protection staff, pupils and the information itself:

  • Introduce two-factor authentication, especially when it comes to accessing files that contain scores and ratings.
  • Existence of separate wireless networks. It is good to have a network for the staff and another for the students / students. Also a good idea to have a third isolated network, exclusively for visitors.
  • Introduce strong passwords for staff and educate employees to properly protect their accounts.
  • Use a reliable security solution to fully protect against a wide range of threats.
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