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Top 10 Tips to Maximize Efficiency in Microsoft Outlook

Today is the day of tip, for those who start and end their day with Microsoft Outlook is their lucky day. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide to be Outlook users, there are millions of different ways to make the program faster. Below we present 10 from our favorite tips and tricks to maximize productivity and enhance the efficient use of this critical program.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Organize your emails in folders

If you want to simplify its use your emails, this is the obvious first step. But it can also be the most helpful, especially if you have overflow inbox. Still, the organization of e-mail in a folder system that is easy to use navigation it will make you see a big difference - saving a lot of time in looking for thousands of old emails. In addition, an easy way to navigate the envelope system will prompt you to deal with each email when you receive it, instead of postponing it for later.

  1. Take advantage of easy-to-use Outlook e-mail templates

If you find yourself composing the same type of message over and over, save one of your email as template, so you can use it quickly in the future. Go to File> Save As ...> Outlook template, and then click Elements> Select Form ...> User Templates> Items> Choose Temp ...> User Templates you are ready to use the form you have saved.

  1. Save important emails, calendar events and notes as files on your desktop

This not only helps optimize your inbox, but also allows you to access critical messages and events even faster. Just drag an email, a calendar entry, or another note to your desktop or a folder, or click File> Save as if you want to save it in a specific file format. Then, when you want to access the email, double-click and it will automatically open in Outlook.

  1. Schedule delivery of an email

Do you want to write a message now but send it later? Outlook makes it easy. Write your email, then go to Options> Delivery delay> Do not deliver before, then specify the time and date that you want to be sent.

  1. Show email as conversations
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This feature helps you make it easier to read these long emails by showing all the connected messages in a conversation view. And it's easy to activate - just click View> Show as Conversations.

  1. Open Outlook on the Web

Outlook 2013, Office 365, and other modern versions of the program shake a large part of the email / calendar / contact infrastructure in a web-based view where it is accessible from any device. Microsoft Send email app for smartphone makes it even easier to send quick notes between affiliates while all communications are entered into the Microsoft Outlook history for easy archiving and access.

  1. Rely on phrases to create a calendar event

Instead of scrolling through the calendar to select a specific date for an appointment or meeting, type in phrases like "next Saturday" or "two weeks from now" in the date field and let Outlook do the rest.

  1. Block email from specific senders

While real spam protection can be better dealt with by IT consultants, we simply mention that you can perform specific actions to block spam. Click Home> Junk email options and then in the new window that opens, you can specify which senders (and even what countries) you want to exclude as unwanted content.

  1. Rely on sticky notes for quick reminders

Press Ctrl + Shift + N from anywhere in the Outlook interface to create a new note that you can drag it and place it anywhere on your screen. This is ideal for fast tasks that do not need to be manually entered into your calendar.

  1. Customize alerts to desktopso you can only alert you to the most critical messages

If you see a notification whenever a message comes to your inbox, you will most likely end up paying no attention to alerts. But you also do not want to lose important emails, so first turn off desktop notifications in File> Options> Mail Options, and then create a custom rule for displaying email-only notifications that send you specific contacts.

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