HomesecurityGoogle blocked officials accounts in Baltimore

Google blocked officials accounts in Baltimore


A victim of ransomware, it seems that her government has fallen Baltimore, which tries to restore its systems that were almost completely locked. And as if that were not enough, another problem occurred as well Google blocked parts of the city from using their accounts at gmail.

On May 7 of 2019, an attack was made ransomware governmental systems in Baltimore, which included emails. Then the malicious agents who installed the ransomware asked the city a sum of money to stop the attack. After a few weeks, the city seemed to recover from the entire attack, which seems to have targeted the system of payment of water and other similar services. Although employees do everything they can to handle the issue, which would actually take a few months to resolve, there are many who chose to create Gmail accounts in order to remain functional.

Gmail now separates private from accounts used by businesses and other organizations, requiring the others to pay for their service. According to information, Google's systems required city officials to close their temporary accounts, while email accounts of the city's health department, counselors and mayor's office were rejected.

A Google spokesman said the Gmail security system detected multiple accounts in a short time, and had no choice but to disable them immediately.

"These accounts have been disabled because the creation of a large number of new accounts has enabled Google's automated security system. The limit is about 50 accounts, so creating more triggered its systems. ”

"We have restored access to Gmail accounts for Baltimore city officials. Our automated security systems have disabled our accounts due to the massive creation of multiple Gmail accounts from the same network. ”

It is worth mentioning that Baltimore's issue could be avoided if only one Google GSuite government account or even a regular account GSuite, costing $ 6 per user per month.

Organizations can from this experience upgrade their accounts or create a GSuite account to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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