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Google: 1 billion dollar investment for the rental crisis

1998, the long-standing Google power, has attempted to rent its first venue in San Francisco. Then, for half home paid the amount of 1.700 dollars monthly. Since then, technology has grown for companies like this, and housing rents have skyrocketed. Nowadays, for a small apartment the rent amounts to 3.500 dollars.


Today, Google wants to mitigate as far as possible the inequalities that have been created, has committed itself, in its announcement through its spokesman, Sundar Pichai, to invest 1 billion dollars to build housing. He also announced that he will work with the government and create an investment fund to create more affordable housing and provide loans to complete the project he has envisioned.

The problem of such inaccessible rents has begun by the professional rise of many companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple. Companies that are active in these areas and are increasingly looking for extra staff have even made their purchase or lease prohibitive.

A few months ago and Microsoft productsannounced in a statement that 500 would provide millions of dollars to provide more affordable housing, a move that was soon followed by Mark Zuckerberg investing an amount for the same purpose. Of course, for Google, it's not just a donation, since it will definitely make a profit from house rentals.

Google has been accused in the past of not making targeted moves for housing problems, which also helped create. At present, California has some of the highest wages in the country and the highest poverty rate. Somewhat ominous event.


Natural measures have also been taken by the political world of the region. For example, Scott Wiener, a Democratic senator from San Francisco, proposed a bill that would force cities to allow more dense housing. His efforts were met with intense controversy from suburban homeowners.

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows