Sprint: Hackers have violated user accounts via a Samsung site

Sprint: Hackers have violated user accounts via a Samsung site

US mobile operator Sprint said he was hacked, as some criminals managed to access accounts ...
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Hamas hits Israeli soldiers through WhatsApp

Using the popular WhatsApp messaging application, Hamas is trying to hijack soldiers of the Israeli army to gain access ...
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DoppelPaymer: The new ransomware coming from BitPaymer

Some security researchers, specializing in malware, have discovered a new ransomware, which they called DoppelPaymer. DoppelPaymer ransomware is used ...
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The iOS URL Scheme allows app-in-the-middle attacks

Some security researchers have discovered a new app-in-the-middle attack, which allows for a malicious app installed in iOS ...
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Hacker stole data from millions of Bulgarian citizens and sent them to the media

A new data breach incident came to light. A mysterious hacker (or group of hackers) managed to steal millions of personal data ...
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Oracle: Hackers exploit vulnerability in WebLogic Server RCE

OracleA critical vulnerability, called CVE-2019-2729, was found in many versions of Oracle WebLogic Server. So, the company advises its customers to implement the released security update, as fast as possible.

Vulnerability has already been discovered by hackers and used for attacking. That's why the company emphasized that the update should be done very quickly in order to protect its customers.

Oracle has provided some clue on vulnerability CVE-2019-2729. Hackers can exploit the vulnerability for to perform code, remotely, without having to verify their identity. They can, for example, carry out attack, without having to enter a username and password.

This is not the first time that WebLogic Servers Oracle addresses this specific security issue. In April, Oracle had released a patch for a similar vulnerability (CVE-2019-2725), which was also used by hackers to spread ransomware and cryptominers.

Investigators support that the new vulnerability CVE-2019-2729 bypasses it patch, which was released for CVE-2019-2725.

KnownSec 404 advised users to do some things to reduce the risk before Oracle released the update.

The advice given by company, are the folowing:

  • Find and delete wls9_async_response.war, wls-wsat.war, and restart Weblogic or
  • Prevent access to / _async / * and / wls-wsat / * URL paths. This advice is valid now, for those who can not directly apply the new update.

Η vulnerability CVE-2019-2729, unlike CVE-2019-2725, does not affect all WebLogic versions, but only:, and

Oracle WebLogic is a Java EE application server, part of Oracle's Fusion Middleware and supports many popular databases. That's why it's a favorite target of hackers. It is also a choice of many organizations, therefore hackers they are targeted to gain access to many data.

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