Malicious framework generates 1 million ads

Malicious framework generates 1 million ads

Flashpoint researchers have discovered a great advertising framework that is parasitic of Google AdSense ads. Researchers have said that ...
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Equifax: 650 fine for million-dollar hacking for 2017

Equifax is going to pay a huge fine (about 650 million dollars) for the 2017 data breach incident ....
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VLC Media Player: Vulnerability allows hackers to run code

Critical vulnerability was discovered in the current version of VLC Media Player. This flaw allows hackers to execute code in ...
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APT34: New campaign uses LinkedIn to distribute malware

The APT34 team reappeared with a new attack. The group, related to Iran, is ...
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Fraud administrators with false notifications in Office 365

A new Office 365 account violation campaign targets administrators. A violation of an employee's email account may result ...
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Libra cryptocurrency: Better than Bitcoin the currency of Facebook?

Libra: Some of the largest companies in the world met to create their own cryptocurrency hoping to become a new global currency to compete with the US dollar, a decade after its release Bitcoin

The Libra currency is backed by 28 companies, such as PayPal, MasterCard and Show and will be promoted from Facebook to WhatsApp, Messenger and other applications so that people can spend and receive money through their phones.

Technology has made almost everything more affordable than money. 1,7 billion of the world are not active in online shopping, ie 31% of the world's population, and for those who have access to money transfers, it is very slow, since a typical cross-border payment lasts three to five business days to complete and the cost is high.

The Libra claims to be able to resolve these issues of traditional currencies, while at the same time overcoming the obstacles of bitcoin and other large cryptocurrencies towards mass adoption.

Facebook's David Marcus, who pioneered the evolution of the Libra, said the mission of the new cryptocurrency is to create a "A simple global currency and economic infrastructure that will bolster the billions of people."


According to 'Future of Money' research, developing markets would soon adopt a currency like the Libra from the most developed countries. In these markets people are more economically conscious because they have to be, which means they understand the benefits that the new coins can offer. If a cryptocurrency can be a safer and cheaper replacement value better than the existing system, it will be used.

The new cryptocurrency is rumored by 2018 when Facebook created its own blockchain team to explore ways to use technology.

With more than 2 billion users of Facebook-based applications around the world, many have announced Libra's ability to become the world's first mainstream cryptocurrency, but others questioned the incentives behind the initiative.

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  1. You may sound quite conspiratorial .... but how can one trust classic American systemic companies to move against the dollar ???
    Unless these 28 companies are the FED's showcase for the libra in the electronic world it was the dollar in the normal ....

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