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Home security Twitter: Deleting thousands of fake Iranian and Russian accounts

Twitter: Deleting thousands of fake Iranian and Russian accounts

the official club's Twitter page reportsOne of the most common means of spreading misinformation and political propaganda is social media. Twitter has recently identified such incidents on its platform, which appear to have come from Russia and Iran. The social networking platform has revealed that it has immediately removed the bogus accounts.

Apparently most bogus accounts come from Iran. Twitter found and deleted 4.779 accounts, as there are reasonable grounds for believing that they are linked or fully supported by the Government of Iran.

These accounts were using fake names, spreading false information, and engaging in political talks that were in favor of Iranian interests.

False accounts made tweets with news content about two million times, which is seen as a means of manipulating platform users and is opposed to the terms of use of Twitter.

About 300 from these accounts was deleted because they were trying to influence the world on issues related to Israel, while 2.865 accounts were deleted because they were spreading false news for both political and social issues.

However, Twitter has detected four accounts, which appear to be coming from Russia, and in particular by Russian Institute for Research on the Internet (IRA), an entity based in Moscow, which is engaged in promoting the Kremlin's political agenda.

Some months ago, Twitter had identified more than nine million tweets, related to political issues, coming from thousands of IRA accounts.

Twitter has also discovered other bogus accounts that promote political interests and come from other countries. Recently, he deleted 130 accounts, coming from Spain and 33 from Venezuela.

Of course, Twitter is not the only social networking platform that faces such incidents.

In May, Facebook was forced to erase thousands of Russian pages, accounts, and groups that were being used in political campaigns to influence the world about military activity in Ukraine.


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