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DDoS Attack on Telegram: CEO considers Hong Kong demonstrators responsible

TelegramThe Telegram fell victim hacking attack, which, according to the CEO of the company, comes from China. The CEO has linked the attack with the political turmoil that is currently in place in Hong Kong.

Many protesters in Hong Kong have used it encrypted messaging service to avoid online monitoring and organize their demonstrations against a controversial plan, backed by Beijing, which allows the extension of its power to Hong Kong.

The demonstrations were very intense. The police used tear gas and other means to stop the protesters who tried to flood the city parliament.

On Wednesday, Telegram announced it had accepted a "strong" denial-of-service attack (DDoS).

The service immediately informed users that there might be connection problems.

According to the survey, the attack came from China.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov wrote in a tweet that so far all DDoS attacks on this scale, which have occurred in the Telegram, have coincided with protests in Hong Kong.

Shortly thereafter, Telegram announced, via Twitter, that its service had stabilized. In one of the tweets, he even explained the nature of the attack, so users could understand why they had connection problems.

Essentially, in DDoS attacks, the hackers send a large number of false requests, so the service can not serve all its users.

Telegram, as we said above, is an encrypted service that allows the exchange of messages, photos and videos. It also supports encrypted voice calls. It currently has millions of active users.

Hong Kong protesters prefer encrypted messaging applications, such as the Telegram, because it allows for surveillance to be avoided by the authorities.

Some researchers have stated that in recent years, many governments have tried to "break" the security features of these applications, to access user data.

Hong Kong, unlike the rest of China, has no restrictions on access on the Internet. Users in the rest of China can not use the Telegram. However, this does not apply to users in Hong Kong.

However, Beijing is constantly increasing its influence in Hong Kong, so we do not know whether these freedoms will continue to exist. This growing general influence is the reason why the people of Hong Kong make the protests.

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