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"Election" hacking has never been simpler than it is today!

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Ransomware stops production at a major airplane equipment supplier

RansomwareA new attack ransomware comes to light, and this time its victim is ASCO, one of the world's largest airplane equipment suppliers. The ransomware infected the company's plant in Zaventem, Belgium.

The blow was great, since the company was forced to stop production for a while, sending 1.000 home from 1.400 employees.

ASCO counted that the stoppage of production would last 2-3 days from Monday to Wednesday, but Belgian media reported that the problem has not been addressed and that the interruption will continue until the weekend.

Stop production at factories in four countries

As we said above, the ransomware initially hit the plant, located in Belgium. The assault took place last Friday, June 7. However, ASCO also closed factories in Germany, Canada and the US.

Since the attack, the offices of the company in France and Brazil have not been affected.

We still do not know if the reason, which also closed the other factories, is a preventive measure or if the ransomware has spread to the systems of other factories.

The most likely scenario is rather prevention, as factories are usually not linked to each other, so that production is not stopped at all, should something happen to one of them.

The herself company has not given details of the incident.

ASCO is one of them major airplane equipment suppliers. Some of its clients are the largest names in the air and military sectors (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin).

At present, we do not know much about the ransomware that infected the plant systems in Belgium.

Some months ago, Norsk Hydro, was also a victim of a ransomware attack. Unlike ASCO, which has not stated anything, Norsk Hydro provided continuous service updates for the incident.

We do not yet know what measures ASCO has taken to address the situation. He may have already paid ransom or thinking about doing it shortly, can prepare the recovery of its files from backups or even buy new systems to make its computer network from the beginning as they have done other companies, in the past.

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