Report: Critical security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps

Report: Critical security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps

Most tests on iOS and Android apps show that the most common security issue faced by apps for ...
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TripAdvisor: Cancels broken members' passwords

Making attacks through the theft of credentials by hackers is a very common phenomenon. It is also customary to publish these ...
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The Pentagon: Does cyber-war start with Iran and why?

The Pentagon: The US government launched a digital strike against an Iranian espionage team, which is responsible for the attacks ...
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VLC media player: 2 has identified critical vulnerabilities. Update immediately!

VLC media player has two high-risk security flaws in 3.0.6 software versions and earlier that allow hackers to ...
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Google Calendar spreads phishing links to unsuspecting users

Nowadays, cyber criminals have developed many methods and have discovered various ways to deceive the ...
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NETGEAR Router promises network security and high speed

Η NETGEAR is the company with probably the most networking device sales. It connects smart homes and small businesses around the world. Today it announced the availability of a new router, designed to protect your network from online threats. His name is Nighthawk Cybersecurity AC2300 WiFi Router (RS400). This router is ideal for virus protection and malware for all devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, and smart home) are connected to the network.


The router directs all incoming and outgoing traffic on the network and thus acts as a defense for all devices. In addition to defending incoming traffic for security risks, RS400 can prevent damage that a device may cause if it has been tampered with.

A survey showed, that 78% of networks include at least one device that has been hacked by hackers. These errors can have a decisive impact on the preservation of privacy.

As the number of these vulnerable devices increases and is now at home, the risk to the safety of personal and financial data.

Again according to a survey, a smart home instrument is linked to it Internet 10 with 14 devices. As malware detection is actually online, this router, equipped with AC2300 MU-MIMO, does not lack performance, while providing advanced security features. This is to make sure that the network is as secure as online threats.

If a virus is detected or blocked, instant alerts are sent via smartphone or some other device.

With yet another level of control, the RS400 router also includes Circle Parental Control, where parents can easily manage the use of the internet by their children, adjust the time they are allowed to navigate, limit the daily time for specific site and applications, which of course match their age and interests.

With powerful protection from cyberthreat, the Nighthawk Cyber-Security Router is also ideal for small businesses or for a home office. Because RS400 is easy to install and manage, there is no need for additional IT infrastructure.

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