Report: Critical security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps

Report: Critical security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps

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Hackers steal medical data, putting in patients and organisms

HackersHackers are constantly finding new ways to attack and steal user data. The information that is usually at risk is names, social security numbers, home addresses, birthdays, credit card numbers. However, hackers often steal medical information, which is equally or even more dangerous than others data.

The company Carbon Black has published a report, which shows how hackers use stolen medical data to their advantage.

Carbon Black notes in its report four different types of theft of information:

  • Healthcare Data Theft: Hackers make such attacks to steal documents, such as medical licenses, and steal the identity of doctors. Then they sell the stolen data to the dark web. This information usually costs around 500 $.
  • Hacking a user's login information to an insurance provider: Hackers can steal the credentials and sell them. The buyer can then get the identity of a victim to claim security.
  • Theft of health insurance cards and labels from medicines.
  • Theft and use of medical information from patients in critical condition to blackmail them for money.

According to the report, 83% of the healthcare organizations surveyed said there was an increase in attacks in the last 12 months. 45% faced attacks, aimed at destroying their information.

Even after strengthening their practices, most organizations do not think they are fully safe.

With new technologies, medical organizations have at their disposal a huge number of patient data. This makes them an attractive target for hackers, since an attack on such an organization can give them access to millions of information.

With the increased adoption of sophisticated medical and IoT devices, healthcare attacks are constantly on the increase. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the agencies do not have qualified staff security and do not invest in cyber-threat protection programs.

Healthcare companies and organizations should take the results of this report seriously and mobilize to protect their systems. As they say in the health sector, prevention is the best treatment. Therefore, all organizations should take care of the security of their data before it is too late. A attack could have an impact on the health of many patients.

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