Report: Critical security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps

Report: Critical security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps

Most tests on iOS and Android apps show that the most common security issue faced by apps for ...
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TripAdvisor: Cancels broken members' passwords

Making attacks through the theft of credentials by hackers is a very common phenomenon. It is also customary to publish these ...
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The Pentagon: Does cyber-war start with Iran and why?

The Pentagon: The US government launched a digital strike against an Iranian espionage team, which is responsible for the attacks ...
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VLC media player: 2 has identified critical vulnerabilities. Update immediately!

VLC media player has two high-risk security flaws in 3.0.6 software versions and earlier that allow hackers to ...
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Google Calendar spreads phishing links to unsuspecting users

Nowadays, cyber criminals have developed many methods and have discovered various ways to deceive the ...
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The FBI accuses the founder of NiceHash for dangerous dark web malware (again)

The FBI is hunting a group of hackers, including the founder of the NiceHash digital coinage company, on an alleged malware creation and distribution scenario through the dark web DarkDoom forum.


Authorities say Darkode was a "criminal organization" fed by a password-protected online forum. It was used by "high-level hackers" and other cybercriminals to buy, sell, trade and share hacking tools, information and related ideas.

American Thomas McCormack, Spaniard Florencio Carro Ruiz and Leniqi and Matjaz Skorjanc have been accused of conspiracy and conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Any such conspiracy includes extortion, theft of electronic identity and fraud in connection with access to these devices, as reported in the press release published by the DoJ at 5 in June.

More specifically, Matjaz Skorjanc is the creator of NiceHash. Skorjanc also created the malware that managed to infect more than one million machines to infect more than one million machines with the impressive Mariposa botnet - this is one of the largest recorded records of infections ever recorded.

Skorjanc and his team are reported to have promoted malware by claiming that they can spread quickly to other PCs during infection and could steal bank credentials or even launch DDoS attacks, ZDNet says.

"Darkode members claim to have exchanged skills and products with each other to infect computers and electronic devices of victims around the world with malware and so they can access and control these devices, "DoJ said.

Surprisingly, Skorjanc has already spent nearly five years in prison for the creation of the botnet Mariposa and was released from prison at the end of 2017.

The latest FBI category concerns his efforts (and his partners) to spread malware through the Darkode hacking forum.

If convicted of all these charges, each accused could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. The conspiracy to commit phone and bank fraud has a maximum duration of 30 years.

But this is even if the authorities can catch them. So far, they have managed to capture only one of four fugitives, namely American Thomas McCormack.

Skorjanc and his two other accomplices are still missing.

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