Ransomware Attacks: The Epidemic of the Digital Age!

Ransomware Attacks: The Epidemic of the Digital Age!

According to surveys, data on ransomware is not encouraging. These attacks are expected to increase, while ...
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Security firm attempted burglary with pretext pen testing!

At 12.30 am on September 11, two male employees of Coalfire, based in Colorado, were arrested for stealing a third ...
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Israel: Authorities arrested mobile monitoring company executives

According to Israeli media, police have arrested a company executive who sells surveillance tools ...
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Nicole Scherzinger falls victim to a hacker on Instagram

Fans were quick to warn Nicole Scherzinger after her Instagram account had been hacked. A...
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Browser Extensions help hackers steal from you!

Browser extensions can help hackers steal your passwords, Casa CEO Jeremy Welch warns.
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FTSE 250 +: Most companies are vulnerable to attacks, according to a report

CompaniesRapid7 has released a report that FTSE 250 is particularly vulnerable to attacks by hackers as they deal with information of their systems. Specifically, according to the report, there are 35 different points in software systems of companies, which could be used by hackers.

The security company scanned the systems and devices used by companies belonging to the FTSE 250 + Index. These 35 different points are neither good nor bad. However, they can help them hackers gain ground and attack.

Every exposed server or device is a hazard, so it must be properly configured, corrected, and updated. This will reduce the chances of attack.

According to the report, "FTSE 250 + organizations, in all areas, have serious problems with updating their systems. A very large number of large companies in the UK use old and often unsupported versions of various web servers.

Rapid7 has stated that companies and organizations should have as their priority the updating of their software and systems in general.

The use of older software versions on the Internet may be very dangerous to the company's security. Many times, updates that correct a large number of vulnerabilities are available, but companies do not use them. This was also the case with WannaCry. The vulnerability that took advantage of it ransomware, could be addressed. The update was months before the attack, but many companies had not taken care to update their software on time.

A few days ago, NSA warned Windows users to update their systems to the latest version, as there is a vulnerability, known as BlueKeep, which affects older versions of Windows and could be used by hackers to spread malware.

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