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Youtube CEO apologizes for comments to the LGBTQ community

A few days ago, a comedian and commentator, Steven Crowder made some comments on his show at the expense of presenter Carlos Maza. These comments, which were repeated in several Crowder shows, were homophobic in nature and totally targeted at Maza.

For obvious reasons, Maza, wanting these comments to stop and get to the point, the YouTube platform reported via Twitter a video that contained many of the admittedly homophobic comments. Twitter's YouTube response was not the expected answer. The incident platform reported that it does not agree with the statements made by Crowder, yet its content does not violate the company's policy. This response has led to massive outrage by YouTube creators, critics, and even by its employees Google, who signed a petition against the YouTube decision.

After the inconvenience caused, the YouTube Chief Executive Officer was asked Susan Wojcicki, to give a response that will satisfy the public and balance the situation.


She said about the following:

"Actually, I personally regret it. YouTube has always been home to so many LGBTQ creators, and that's why it was so emotional. Although it was a difficult decision, it was harder to come from us. And although we made this decision, we have so many people from the LGBTQ community. We always wanted to openly support this community. From a political point of view, we have to be consistent - if we remove this content, we have to abolish many more. "

Even after Wojcicki's decision and response, the YouTube team decided that the content of Crowder was not suitable for monetization. So he stopped showing ads on his channel.

In a video followed by Crowder about the situation, he said his videos were seldom advertised because their content was controversial.

The fact, he did not satisfy Maza at all, as Crowder, as he claimed, enjoys the publicity that helps him sell his merchandise and make money.

However, YouTube is seeking to reassess policies regarding harassment. When Wojcicki was asked if this was something that could face YouTube, he claimed there was room for improvement, but the platform has gone a long way.


  1. Freedom of expression is now limited to fully aligning with what the LGBTQ community declares and approves.
    Any deviation, seen as out of bounds, offense, and imposed emails, is extinguished.


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