NPP Australia: Notifying Customers of a New PayID Leak

NPP Australia: Notifying Customers of a New PayID Leak

PayID's search function on Australia's new payment platform (NPP) has encountered problems once again. This...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What are the most common types?

In a previous article we analyzed exactly what man-in-the-middle attacks are, how they work, how they are carried out and how we can protect ourselves against ...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What is and how to protect yourself?

A man-in-the-middle attack presupposes three parts. The victim, the entity with which the victim is trying to communicate ...
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Your keyboard can betray your passwords to hackers

Hackers are able to edit your online passwords only from the sound of your keystrokes, revealed a ...
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Bluetooth vulnerability affects Apple, Qualcomm and Intel devices!

Bluetooth is used worldwide as one of the most convenient methods of connecting and controlling connected devices. However, according to ...
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E-Commerce: Ways to Achieve Online Sales

It is now a fact that more and more consumers are turning their preference to e-commerce. This is called e-commerce, where the activity of buying or selling products takes place via electronic services or via the Internet. Consumers prefer this type of shopping, as they are easy to carry out at any time and condition, and offer perhaps more variety than a physical store.

This preference is listened to by entrepreneurs and creating new ones website e-commerce. Obviously, any site created does not have to succeed. There is plenty of demand until an online shopping page can be considered to have thrived and is within the buyers' preferences.


An e-commerce can easily fail but is feasible and successful. This has to do with the moves of the entrepreneur. Some simple actions are listed below.

The first thing an operator needs to provide is security. When the decisions taken by the company have as the overriding goal the minimum cost, then the resulting result will most probably not be safe. Besides, it is known that hackers they struggle to invade systems with defects that make the process even easier.

An equally important step is that the customer payment process is easy. An e-commerce site must have multiple payment options so that each consumer can make purchases in any way he wants. Slowest payment gateways or limited options that do not allow product viewing or one-click checkout can cost in sales.

A very serious criterion for selecting an e-commerce from a customer is downtimes. It is something that happens and the reasons vary. A downtime can happen due to updates or maintenance, due to its fall server or after a mass influx into the site. For this reason, a serious study of the system must be carried out before, for example, announcing a big offer or a much-discussed product, which could bring buyers who will drop the site.

The best organized e-commerce they offer fast speed, strong security, many markets and few downtimes. Fortunately, today there are many companies that have all of these features and remain relatively inexpensive.

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