The Pentagon: Does cyber-war start with Iran and why?

The Pentagon: Does cyber-war start with Iran and why?

The Pentagon: The US government launched a digital strike against an Iranian espionage team, which is responsible for the attacks ...
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VLC media player: 2 has identified critical vulnerabilities. Update immediately!

VLC media player has two high-risk security flaws in 3.0.6 software versions and earlier that allow hackers to ...
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Google Calendar spreads phishing links to unsuspecting users

Nowadays, cyber criminals have developed many methods and have discovered various ways to deceive the ...
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Iranian hackers are attacked on all sides

For some months, Iranian hackers, funded by the state, have been the target of continuous attacks. These attacks ...
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Linux-based Malware infects through Windows Torrent and MacOS!

Torrent: Cybersecurity researchers from two companies (ESET and Malwarebytes) unveiled details of a new malware engine that has ...
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The top 5 hacking tools for 2019

toolsEvery day we hear about attacks hacking in small and large companies and organizations. Hackers never rest. They are constantly finding new ways of violating their victims' systems. Every day, they develop new tools for attacking.

Follow 5 from the most advanced tools hacking of 2019, used in complex concerted attacks:

1. Legion

Legion is an open-source tool of a framework, called Sparta. It is a semiautomatic network penetration framework. It includes many tools together and can be used by hackers to attack entire networks or on individual computers.

Legion can automatically recognize and scan them vulnerabilities in systems, using various open-source tools such as nmap and nikto. It has about 100 scripts of automatic programming. Its features are accessible through a graphical user interface. In addition to its various features, built-in, Legion can also gain third-party features, as well as interact with other scripts and tools.

It has the ability to automatically detect if there are vulnerabilities available on a particular computer or network and can bypass many malware detection systems.

2. King Phisher

King Phisher is a tool that allows you to simulate real ones Phishing attacks. Attacks can be programmed in advance and target a large number of systems in real time. The tool has many features.

It can customize sent emails by incorporating images to create a sense of more legitimacy.

Hackers can make phishing emails look absolutely legitimate. Credentials are automatically received, and there is also the ability to locate users' locations to obtain even more information.

3. WiFi-Pumpkin

This tool is used to divert the data stream from wireless clients. The WiFi-Pumpkin virtually mimics existing networks, creating false copies. Next, logged-on users receive special network packets, which disconnect them from legitimate networks and automatically redirect them to the "truncated" networks.

And this tool has many features.

WiFi-Pumpkin can be used along with other tools to conduct espionage campaigns. It can easily be expanded using plugins and external scripts.

4. Trape

It's an advanced research and analysis tool that hackers can monitor and perform social engineering attacks even in real-time. Trape helps organizations and researchers locate criminals, but can also be used by hackers themselves.

It can be used to perform phishing and hooking attacks, in order to obtain user credentials.

5. Ghost Tunnel

Ghost Tunnel is a backdoor script method. It is an advanced tool that allows criminals to attack Appliances in isolated environments. This is achieved through network probe requests when the tool is within the reach of the victim. The connection is done without the standard Wi-Fi protocol. Thus, hackers can send to the payloads victim.

Ghost Tunnel does not require a Wi-Fi connection with the intruder's network. After the attack is done, the tool can successfully bypass the firewalls and can attack isolated networks. Ghost Tunnel can attack almost any device that contains a Wi-Fi card. If hackers use code injection techniques, they can spread any vulnerability in the systems.

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