HomesecurityFacebook: Prohibits the pre-installing of its applications on Huawei's future mobiles

Facebook: Prohibits the pre-installing of its applications on Huawei's future mobiles

FacebookFacebook decided to follow the example of Google and many other companies and put some bans on Huawei. In fact, the social networking platform will not allow Huawei to pre-install Facebook apps on its upcoming mobile.

According to information, Facebook, WhatsApp and the Instagram will not be pre-installed on Huawei's new smartphones.

However, Facebook may make some exceptions, following a special agreement with the Chinese company.

Facebook is one more company, which bans Huawei. This rather means that the platform does not trust the Chinese company. The list of companies that have turned their back on Huawei seems to be constantly growing.

Based on the information available so far, users of Huawei mobiles will be able to access Google Play and download apps. They just will not be pre-installed on mobiles. Users who already have a Huawei phone are not affected by this ban. They will continue to have applications and receive updates.

Unlike Google apps and services that will be available for Google current phones of Huawei, including those not yet shipped to stores, Facebook forbids pre-installing its applications on every Huawei phone that has not yet left the factory.

It all began with the decision of the US government to ban the country's companies from cooperating with Huawei for national security reasons. Following this decision, more and more companies began to announce the end of their cooperation with the Chinese company.

Huawei is currently the second largest smartphone maker in the world. In the first quarter of 2019 it sold 58,4 million mobile phones, recording an increase of 44,5% compared to the sales of the previous year.

However, with all that is happening, the company may lose its market share, giving it a lead to its rivals, Samsung and Apple.

Many of the company's customers may start to abandon it because of the bans that many companies have set and because of the fact that there is no guarantee that Android will be installed in its future phones Huawei.

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