"Election" hacking has never been simpler than it is today!

"Election" hacking has never been simpler than it is today!

Being a professional hacker has never been easier and more profitable than it is today. According to...
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A new Android Trojan misleads users through notifications

A new Android Trojan discovered by security researchers on the Google Play Store uses false notifications to redirect their ...
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Europol: Training of police officers with ....... a game!

In recent years, cryptocurrencies are a frequent target of hackers' attacks. For this reason, Europol has decided to train ...
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Dark Web: Selling drugs in exchange for Bitcoins. Now prison!

We know that Dark Web is mainly used by hackers and people who are interested in doing illegal online activities. These people are using ...
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Twitter: Deleting thousands of fake Iranian and Russian accounts

One of the most common means of spreading misinformation and political propaganda is social media. Twitter found, ...
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Android Warning: Hundreds of Google Play Store apps infected with BeiTaAd

Android users are updated for hundreds of applications found on Google Play Store, which can "break" their phones. Android is one of the most used software in the world, with more than two billion devices that run Google Mobile every month.


However, the popular operating system is not the first time it's involved in security issues, with some Google Play Store applications having caused widespread threats to Android. Six Android apps that downloaded 90 a million times from the Google Play Store were found to be loaded with PreAMo malware.

While another recent threat has shown that 50 apps in the Google Play Store containing malware infected more than 30 million devices Android.

And now Android users are being updated for hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store and can cause very big problems on their phones.

Lookout security experts have discovered 238 applications hosted on the Google Play Store, which have almost forfeited their Android phones.

Applications were loaded with the BeiTa Plugin adware, and Android programs were installed more than 440 millions of times.

Malicious software displays violent ads on the Android user lock screen and also activates video or audio ads for playback even when the phone is in sleep mode.

In a post on the internet, Lookout's Kristina Balaam said: "Lookout has discovered 238 unique applications including BeiTaPlugin, the adware that turns a mobile device into almost inappropriate for use on the Google Play Store.

"Lookout reported malicious functionality on Google and BeiTaPlugin has now been removed from all apps affected by the Play Store."

"Overall, these applications have gone down over 440 millions of times, you understand how concerned the company is since it's unique in its kind.

"While the vast majority of free mobile applications generate revenue from their apps via ad SDKs or plugins, the persistence of ads in this particular case and the number of applications the developer went into hiding its existence make BeiTaPlugin worrying at least.

Lookout reported that all applications loaded with malware were published by Shanghai-based CooTek.

All affected apps have been removed from the Play Store from 23 May 2019 or have been updated to non-malware versions. For a complete list of affected applications, click here.

Talking about the impact of malware, Lookout added: "Users have reported that they were unable to answer calls or interact with other applications due to the persistent display of ads.

"These ads do not immediately bomb the user once the application is installed but are visible at least 24 hours after the application starts."

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  1. Huawei accuses that it has backdoors and eventually Google itself has filled us with viruses in its store ...
    Otherwise, we're only being told to download apps from the Play Store for security ... but that also seems to be one of the same third-party store .... every three and a little new case with an app from google store that infected millions of devices ... ..

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