White hat hacker is accused of hacking Bulgaria's tax office

White hat hacker is accused of hacking Bulgaria's tax office

An expert in the field of cyber security and white hat hacker, who is accused of hacking the data more than ...
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FSB: Hackers have violated the Russian Security Service!

Hackers have violated the servers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) by gaining access to 7.5 terabytes of data from a major Sybate FSB contractor. The...
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Chrome & Firefox extensions stole millions of data

A huge leak of data was discovered by security researcher Sam Jidali and his team. Leakage came from 8 ...
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The first Online Mobile Malware Observation for Android from Upstream

Secure-D, the Upstream security platform, the leading Greek technology company, launches the first online Mobile Malware Observatory with ...
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Password Alert: 72% of users are recycling passwords!

Password Alert: Users recycle the same password on average four times, according to a Security.org report ....
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Huawei: It compromises the security of the US the removal of smartphones

According to a report from the Financial Times, there is a disagreement between Donald Trump and Google. This debate is about Huawei's mobiles. Google's main argument is that Huawei will be forced to convert them Android in a "hybrid" version, which will be more vulnerable to hackers, mainly from China. On the contrary, Trump's view on the subject is to cut off Huawei completely from the US.


Huawei has been banned by many companies in the United States, including the United States Google. So, in a while, it will make it difficult to provide its services to these mobiles. For now, of course, he is able to continue to do so in existing ones. Her claim Google reports that a version of Android, normally available in other parts of the world, is a serious threat to US national security.

The most likely scenario to follow is that Huawei will initially create an Android version without Google apps. So without the security services Google provides on its mobile.

The next stage is that these mobiles, which will be more vulnerable to hackers, will continue to sell at the same pace worldwide.

If someone from the United States shares information of any type with someone from another country that has a Huawei device, any end-to-end encryption, if done, will likely be compromised.

In the end, US security is potentially at stake.

Huawei, which enjoys the appreciation of many buyers worldwide, could develop a custom operating system quite quickly. As a guideline, it will have the version of Android with Google.

Google's argument is also that US companies will lose a significant amount of money if they no longer do business with a company as large as Huawei. This has a bit of selfish motivation, as Google will also face a problem.

Huawei said he has not negotiated directly with the US government and awaits developments from Google's efforts. It is worth noting that Google's provisional license to provide Huawei phones expires on August 19.

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