Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

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Apple Watch: they will have period tracker in their software

In a recent announcement by Apple, it introduced the new watchOS 6, which will include a period recording application. The Watch 6, which is the Apple Watch software, will enable women who have such a clock to score and watch their cycle.

Apple Watch

Η application this will help in particular in the immediate recording of the period and the characteristics of each cycle. In this way it will be possible to know what are the days that could capture or not bear. Also, women with Apple Watch will be able to receive a warning about a possible start date of the cycle to get supplies that they may need in those days. Like, for example, hygiene products and painkillers.

The good news is that this feature is predicted to be on Apple's mobile and software as well iOS. So someone who does not have Apple Watch but has an iPhone can use this app.

Applications of this kind, of course, are not the first time we meet. Other period trackers have been created in the past. This is clearly a step, to inform women about what is happening in their bodies.

Obviously, as with all technological issues, even problems here are identified. In an interview with TechRadar, Leslie Heyer, Managing Director of Cycle Technologies and creator of Dot, said she was worried because there are many fertility technology applications that are misleading because there is no medical background to support what they claim to be they do.

At the same time, there are fears of many Apple Watch users who do not want to have their personal data on-line. Something that does not seem at all unreasonable at the moment when there is no guaranteed privacy when everywhere lurking hackers. On the contrary, the WWDC presenter, Dr. Sumbul Desai said, "All health data is safely stored and you can control your data by choosing what it shares with other applications."

Apple, which mentions menstruation and fertility, helps make women's body "shame" no longer be discussed, while helping women gain a more informed knowledge of their bodies.

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