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iPhone: Ways to Understand If Someone Blocks Your Number

iPhone: Have you tried to contact a number and you had no success? Have you ever wondered if someone has blocked your number? There is a way to find out if this has happened.

It would be a bad idea to communicate with this person differently, because if you have blocked you, you will be faced with a confusingly incoherent speech.

Of course, the processes that exist from Apple to find out if your number has been blocked by someone is definitely not as direct as it is to ask him / her. So it's good to know different ways to explore it yourself.

If you have this suspicion, it may help to send a message from your iPhone. If you receive an update that Delivered, it has not blocked you. If you have none information or receive a notification saying that the message was not delivered, it may have blocked you.


After that, you can try to dial the number. If the answering machine comes out immediately or does not stop hitting it at all, it may have blocked your number. If it does not even catch this, enter this number before # 31 #. This, in fact, covers the number and even when it is blocked someone calls normally.

Of course, there is always the possibility that none of the above may apply.

For example, a message may never reach its destination when the recipient has no signal at that point.

The answering machine may come out immediately if the cellphone is closed or has no battery or if the user has set it up in Airplane Mode / Do Not Disturb Mode.

Otherwise, a number could send another to the voicemail when busy or can not speak at the moment.

In any case, it is a good idea before you make your own conclusions, because there is always the possibility error.


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