Mermaids: Personal messages spilled between the organization and parents of transgender children

Mermaids: Personal messages spilled between the organization and parents of transgender children

Mermaids UK is an organization founded by parents of transgender children and aims to support these children ....
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"Election" hacking has never been simpler than it is today!

Being a professional hacker has never been easier and more profitable than it is today. According to...
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A new Android Trojan misleads users through notifications

A new Android Trojan discovered by security researchers on the Google Play Store uses false notifications to redirect their ...
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Europol: Training of police officers with ....... a game!

In recent years, cryptocurrencies are a frequent target of hackers' attacks. For this reason, Europol has decided to train ...
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Dark Web: Selling drugs in exchange for Bitcoins. Now prison!

We know that Dark Web is mainly used by hackers and people who are interested in doing illegal online activities. These people are using ...
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Hacking attacks on cars: What the dangers and how to protect yourself

carsConnected cars are vulnerable to attacks. Their owners should be constantly alert and take care of their safety. Several incidents have been reported hacking in cars. So the Tesla is constantly making efforts to cope with the attacks of hackers in the automobile industry. The company has hired white hat hackers to identify bugs and fix them.

The company takes care of immediate vulnerability correction and regularly updates the vehicle protection software. In the field of over-the-air updates, Tesla stands out from other car companies. It takes care to update the software without forcing car owners to go to third parties and pay.

David Kennedy, a white hat hacker and owner of a car Tesla, said that in the future "software and firmware updates will be required from the manufacturer. This is easily done with over-the-air software updates (OTA) ... Tesla is already making OTA updates for its vehicles and is constantly issuing new software updates. "

According to experts, Tesla does everything she can to keep her cars safe. However, they are not unlikely to be violated, so car owners will have to take some steps to enhance the safety of their vehicles.

Malicious hackers could deceive users and make them download malicious applications to break cars. In one essay, which happened, a hacker cheated the user through an application. The user thought that by downloading it application he would win a coupon for a free burger. However, this was a malicious program that stole the user's username and password. So the hacker was able to locate the car and steal it. This, of course, was a test and not a real theft, but it shows how easily hackers can deceive their victims and steal their car.

Below, here are some tips on how to protect your car:

Hide the key in a special bag that blocks radio frequency

Hackers have special devices that can steal your key badge. If they do, they basically "spoil the car" and can unlock it and steal it. That is why you must have your key in a safe place.

Make regular software updates

If the car has a WiFi hotspot, hackers can use the IP address to break the vehicle's systems. Therefore, regular updates are necessary.

Use two-factor authentication applications

Automotive applications can be hijacked by hackers through cloud services that applications use to communicate with the car.

Hackers can cheat owners and make them download malicious applications that hurt automotive applications.

Buy OBD II lock to protect your system

The OBD II system monitors the car's activity. The data is then sent to the mobile via bluetooth.

Check the USB drive for malware before plugging it in

If you connect a broken one phone in the USB port of your car then the car's system will be violated. Also, USB software updates sent through mail are an easy target for hackers.

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