HomesecurityBoeing: Software update has led to a deadly impact?

Boeing: Software update has led to a deadly impact?

Η New Y Times says the company Boeing, after two deadly bumps he hurried to repair it software of 737 Max, not even informing the stakeholders.

This report argues that Boeing, trying to improve the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, made changes that made the system no longer rely on two sensors. With this change, the system was able to turn on at a lower speed than originally planned.

The MCAS originally created to ensure a smoother route and reduce the use of larger aircraft engines. The first pilot, Ray Craig, who made a test run, noticed that the software had the ability to be activated automatically in some cases. Of course, this would only happen if very high speeds were developed which are not very common.


In the course of time and with pilot trials to grow, it was observed that software began to be activated at lower speeds. The second G-force sensor, therefore, was removed, since the MCAS could very well be activated by one.

The Aviation Federation was not informed about the changes to the software MCAS  so they did not report on the software on Boeing.

This led the authorities to believe that the system was functioning properly and that the test was interrupted by the pilots. Unfortunately, since the auditors' reports were not communicated, the pilots of the 737 airplane Max they did not know the modifications of the software until the deadly impact.

After the second, also fatal, strike that occurred in April, the plane was banned from flying temporarily.

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