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Home security Hackers from North Korea are blamed by the US for cryptocurrency theft

Hackers from North Korea are blamed by the US for cryptocurrency theft

KoreaHackers from North Korea have been accused by US authorities of carrying out attacks aimed at mining cryptocurrencies and robbery in banks.

According to the newspaper Korea Herald, the USA have imposed sanctions on North Korea, both political and economic. That is why there are more and more cyber attacks. For profit. The hackers have been accused of attacking large companies, such as Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014, a bank robbery in Bangladesh in 2016, and the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017.

The US authorities blame hackers from North Korea for cryptocurrency theft

According to Voice of America (VOA), a spokesman for his IT department FBI, said there are indications that hackers from North Korea are responsible for many incidents of violation. These violations have resulted in the loss of many million dollar cryptocurrencies.

In September of 2018, a Korean hacker named Park Jin-hyok, was accused by the US Department of Justice for involvement in cryptojacking business.

According to the FBI, the cause of these attacks is probably related to the US sanctions in North Korea. Since sanctions have financial implications, hackers are making attacks to make money, either robbing banks, or stealing cryptocurremcies.

America is particularly anxious, as North Korea often attacks criptojacking. Both the FBI and other government agencies are doing their best to stop the malicious activities associated with cryptocurrencies.

Erin Joe, FBI Special Agent with many years of experience in investigating criminal and national security issues, explained that cryptojacking is a relatively new fashion.

Because it is something new, the authorities will have to learn a lot about this so they can handle it.

However, the US and the FBI are not only concerned about North Korea. They are also investigating similar activities in China, Iran and Russia.


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