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How to hide your identity on the Internet

Anonymity on the Internet is directly related to protecting your privacy. If you do not take the appropriate measures to ensure your privacy on the internet, you will be at risk.


Cyber ​​criminals are not tired of finding new ways to acquire and exploit sensitive people's information. Do not let them target you. Check out the following tips Check out the tips below to help you stay completely anonymous on the internet, away from the eyes of cybercriminals.

  1. Browse Incognito Mode

Anonymous description status does not save web cookies, browsing history, and no cache storage. When navigating an incognito mode, you restrict the information that your web browser can collect for you.

It can not store any of the information you enter into forms, such as your usernames and passwords, nor record the websites you visit. It does not record your electronic activity at all.

However, you can not hide your online activity from him ISP in this way, nor from the websites you visit. That is why you need to browse anonymous browsing in combination and one of the following ways.

  1. Use the Tor browser

Tor Browser allows you to keep your anonymity online as it keeps no logs. It does not record your browsing history, does not store any of your personal information, and does not track you in any way.

Tor uses advanced encryption to protect your privacy and redirects your traffic several times before it reaches your destination. It redirects from server to server through its encrypted network, making each connection appear random.

  1. You delete cookies regularly

The website uses cookies to monitor their users and substantially improve the experience of their users. They can learn a lot about you so they suggest you just want to see and know your sensitive spots.

The problem arises when websites share the information they collect from them web cookies with third parties. These third-party websites may be harmless and also look for ways to send you personalized ads.

But, if you want to avoid all of this, delete all your saved cookies. If you want to be completely anonymous, block web cookies completely.

  1. Disable auto-completion in your browser

Turning on the option to automatically fill in electronic forms in your browser puts your personal and sensitive information at risk. This is because storing this information in your browser enables cybercriminals to find them.

Disabling the autocomplete option will give you an extra level of security, preventing potential hackers from stealing or using abuse of your confidential information.

  1. Turn off your location

Discovering your site allows the site to discover where you are, explore your location history and recognize you. Your location may be needed on several occasions, but certainly not if you want to stay anonymous online.

So, turn off your location on every device you use, and make sure you also delete your location history.

  1. Use a Proxy Server

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between the Internet, that is, the server users who want to connect and the servers on the Internet. When you connect to a proxy server, any information passes through an encrypted server before it reaches its destination.

In this way, no one can discover the address IP you, let alone try to target you. You remain completely anonymous.

  1. Avoid using public WiFi

Public WiFi does not provide security because it does not allow encrypted connections. When you connect to a public WiFi access point, everyone can see you on the internet and get you targeted.

If you need to use a public WiFi, do not enter any financial transaction account, do not enter any usernames and passwords anywhere, and do not click any suspicious links.

  1. Use a VPN

A VPN is the best way to stay completely anonymous on the Internet. As they say, it is the best line of defense against possible governmental criminals.

A VPN provides advanced data encryption, covers your IP address, hides your electronic activity and protects you even when you connect to public WiFi. It is the only tool that makes you totally anonymous in the Internet world. It also helps you overcome geo-blocking, among many other benefits.

Hiding your identity while browsing the Internet is easier than ever with these simple steps. We advise you to use them!


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