Sprint: Hackers have violated user accounts via a Samsung site

Sprint: Hackers have violated user accounts via a Samsung site

US mobile operator Sprint said he was hacked, as some criminals managed to access accounts ...
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Hamas hits Israeli soldiers through WhatsApp

Using the popular WhatsApp messaging application, Hamas is trying to hijack soldiers of the Israeli army to gain access ...
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DoppelPaymer: The new ransomware coming from BitPaymer

Some security researchers, specializing in malware, have discovered a new ransomware, which they called DoppelPaymer. DoppelPaymer ransomware is used ...
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The iOS URL Scheme allows app-in-the-middle attacks

Some security researchers have discovered a new app-in-the-middle attack, which allows for a malicious app installed in iOS ...
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Hacker stole data from millions of Bulgarian citizens and sent them to the media

A new data breach incident came to light. A mysterious hacker (or group of hackers) managed to steal millions of personal data ...
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The Pokemon Company announced the creation of the new Pokemon Sleep application

CompanyThe Pokemon Company announced on Wednesday that it has created a new application, named after it «Pokemon Sleep», which will monitor the players' sleep and use the game data. The application is expected to be released next year.

Its CEO company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, said: "We want to turn sleep into entertainment."

Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic Inc., issued by The Pokemon Company and released 2016, has become a global phenomenon, as millions of players from all over the world have gone out on the streets to hunt Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company was created with investments from companies Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. Today it includes many products, such as video games, games, movies and more.

The first two Pokemon video games released 1996 on the Nintendo Game Boy console. The game series has been very successful since more than 340 has been sold over a million times since then.

As for the new application, Pokemon Sleep, as we said above, will monitor the players' sleep and then use some data, such as sleeping time or wake-up time, for the game. How exactly this game will affect this data is not yet known.

The aim of The Pokemon Company is to attract as many players as possible.

This is probably not going to be difficult, since what the company has done so far has been a success. This is also shown by the movie "Pokemon Detective Pikachu", which brought over 120 million dollars in revenue, from its projection in North America.

The Pokemon Company announced that it is preparing the sequel to Detective Pokemon, in a game, and will be available on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console.

At the same event, held on Wednesday in Tokyo, which The Pokemon Company announced its plans for the new application, also found a representative of the Chinese company NetEase Inc. NetEase Inc. a "local version" of Pokemon Quest will soon be released. In fact, he announced that he will also release other versions of Pokemon games, which will be available exclusively in China.

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