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Google Play Store: How to troubleshoot an error while downloading

You will have noticed that sometimes at λήψη or updating an app via Google Play, is an error. It is this moment that stops completely or does not even start the process. The error this can occur without obvious reason. Usually a simple reboot helps - and if that does not help - there is, fortunately, a way.

Always the first thing to check is that there is a connection with it Internet, because we are likely not to be connected.

It is also common for Google Play to require, in particular, to link to Wi-Fi and Wi-when downloading an application. There is a clear possibility that neither the internet nor the Google Play setting is responsible, so it is worth checking out the following.

It is advisable to perform a clean-up at regular intervals to empty the storage space from unnecessary files that may burden the application. The steps for clearing are as follows:

  • We select the SETTINGS of the mobile
  • We find the APPLICATIONS option
  • We choose Google Play
  • We select file cleanup
  • Finally, clear data

Google Play

This issue with Android is quite common and does not, in most cases, require drastic measures. In any case, it is good to know that we may need to ask for the services of a technician. Sometimes, resetting factory settings may be helpful. But there is a need to save all the files we need beforehand in advance.


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