HomesecurityAfter Huawei, the US is thinking of excluding Hikvision

After Huawei, the US is thinking of excluding Hikvision

HikvisionAfter banning cooperation between Huawei and US companies, the Trump government also puts out the Chinese watchdog, Hikvision. That, at least, they claim New York Times.

If the ban decision is adopted, Hikvision will not be able to source the parts and technology products it needs from America. US companies should seek special permission from the government to work with the Chinese company and sell its products.

For many years, from 2011 to 2017, Hikvision was the world's largest watch camera manufacturer. An IHS Markit survey showed that Hikvision had the 38% of the market, 2017 worldwide.

The USA have created a list of foreign companies that they consider dangerous for the country's security. Huawei has entered this list and Hikvision now appears to be coming. The companies on this list should apply for special permission from the US government if they want to work with an American company.

Another company, considered dangerous by the US, is also the Chinese DJI. DJI is the largest drones manufacturer, accounting for almost half the market share. The US believes that the company's drones are likely to watch US citizens and the government and transfer secret information to China.

Following the announcement of the US intention to ban co-operation with Hikvision, the Chinese company said it hopes to have a fair deal from the US as it has never violated the regulations imposed on commercial companies over the years.

Let us note here that after the New York Times report, the company showed a fall in its shares.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China opposes abuse of power by the US government and the efforts of the United States to discredit and suppress the practices of Chinese companies.

For her part, Hikvision said a possible US ban would not cause her major problems as the company supplies equipment from South East Asia as well as from other countries.

Hikvision is a very important company as well China too much surveillance systems and cameras are used. Throughout the country, there are approximately 200 million cameras, which are mainly used for security and traffic control, as well as for arresting criminals.

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