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Everyone has worshiped the filter that changes your gender in Snapchat

Snapchat has recently released new augmented reality lenses that allow users to add female or male features to their appearances. People have begun to use the filter to deceive friends and aliens into imagining being someone else.


The latest augmented reality lenses from Snapchat allow users to change their looks to include facial features that are traditionally male or female. The male filter translates to adding generations of thicker eyebrows and trying to "blur" long hair. For the female filter, Snapchat adds smoother skin, thicker eyelashes, long hair and a thinner face and jaw.

Looking at social media, the sex change filter seems to be particularly popular with men. While the male filter appears in women, the female filter in men is much more realistic. Men very often publish their transformed face after applying the Snapchat filter and it is often difficult to say that it is a digitally created female face.

Some people have already begun to use the feature for a slightly more horrible purpose than playing with their Snapchat appearances: Several men have published online that they have created fake Tinder profiles using the female faces that appear on their computer and have found success with their efforts for catfish.

These false profiles tinder have also brought to light the type of abuse that women are often subjected to in social media. Some men have started publishing in Twitter how their female profiles filled with messages of vulgar and provocative content.

Even Nev Schulman's presenter “Catfish”Commented on the filter saying it's not really very good.

Since its debut, the feature was really very popular.

Many in the social media said they had re-purchased Snapchat or created a new account just to be able to use the new filter. In the five days since Snapchat launched the new filter, 7 millions of people on iPhone and Android installed the Snapchat application for the first time, according to Sensor Tower data.

This is a huge increase in the number of new users using Snapchat: During the same five-day period a week ago, Sensor Tower reported that the application had only been downloaded 3 a million times, meaning that there was an increase of 133% a major leap for an application that has seen its users' daily basis shrink.

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