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Huawei promises to shut down if China pushes her backdoors

HuaweiMany countries, especially America, are cautious about Huawei. It is suspected that the company has close ties with the Chinese government and that it serves its interests. Countries believe the government is using Huawei's equipment by installing backdoors and software to be able to spy on other governments and steal information.

Huawei, however, now states that she is willing to sign "No-spy" contracts with the governments of other countries, to be able to supply them with him 5G its equipment.

Liang Hua, Huawei's president, said: "We are ready to sign 'no-spy' contracts with governments, including the UK government. We are committed. No spy, no backdoors ”.

Huawei's Vice President for Western Europe, Tim Watkins, said in an interview that the company does not install backdoors in its equipment and does not participate in spying campaigns in other countries. According to Watkins, the founder of Huawei not only did not do so but "if the government asked him to do it, he would deny it and if he tried to force him, then he would prefer to close the company"

This statement is very important. However, it is almost unlikely to affect America, which is obviously having launched a war with Huawei, has banned its equipment and even requires other countries to follow suit, else it threatens to stop working with them and to offers them their IT and security assistance. Working with them could also put itself at risk.

Other countries have doubts about what to do. On the one hand, there are suspicions of spying on Huawei, and on the other, the Chinese company can bring 5G technology. Some experts in the UK, for example, believe that Huawei's exclusion will delay the growth of 5G in the country. Others, again, argue that it is better to delay than an unsafe network.

Some countries seem to follow the example of America and deny Huawei equipment, but there are suspicions that Theresa May was ready to give limited permission to the company to supply the country with 5G equipment.


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