New generation malware and ways of protection: What you need to know
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New generation malware and ways of protection: What you need to know

Every day we hear about new attacks by hackers on companies, organizations, and even individuals. The worrying is that the scammers ...
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Google Play Protect protects your device from malware. Turn it on!

Due to the recent vulnerability of WhatsApp that enabled hackers to remotely install spyware on both ...
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Hackers stole sensitive NederWoon customer information

A home rental company, NederWoon, has been hit by hackers. Hackers managed to get into the company's systems ...
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Snapchat: Employees are spying on users with the SnapLion tool

According to a report from the Motherboard, employees of Snap, the company behind Snapchat, use the ...
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TalkTalk: 4.500 customer bank information was found on the internet

Recently, it has come to light, a case of violation, which has been a matter of concern to us in the past. This is the data leakage ...
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5 best Dark web browsers for secure and anonymous surfing

browsersIt is well known that many companies are monitoring our online activity in order to collect information to help them present advertisements and offers that suit each one's preferences. Most people, however, do not agree with that. Unfortunately, most browsers use cookies and track user browsing history. So companies collect information about users. OR Google and Facebook have been accused of using such practices.

Browsers that offer full anonymity and privacy they are Dark web browsers. Many people would prefer to use such a browser to make sure no one else knows their internet activity.

Most people have in their mind the Dark web, as the "space" of the internet, illegal transactions take place, stolen data, weapons, drugs and more are sold. To a certain extent this is true. And due to the fact that it offers this anonymity and privacy. However, accessing the Dark web through Dark browsers, such as Tor, is not illegal.

Everyone can access the dark web through Dark Browsers. This web site is not only used by thieves, hackers and fraudsters, but also by doctors, scientists and teachers, so that they can share their ideas and other information without restrictions.

Let us not forget that in all countries there is no right to full freedom of speech. So people use the dark web to express their ideas anonymously and freely.

Its positive aspects Dark Web: anonymity, privacy, freedom of speech, knowledge

Negative elements of Dark web: illegal transactions, hacking activities

Here are the top 5 Dark Web Browsers currently in circulation that promise to keep your web activity away from prying eyes.

Tor Browser:

It was the first browser to be released and offered complete anonymity and security. Nobody had been able to access the user data that Tor was using until 2014. The FBI managed to break it, but Tor corrected the issues that made it vulnerable and returned more powerful.

Virtually Tor redirects users through multiple nodes, so it limits third-party tracking. However, it does not cover the IP address. This could be done by using one VPN. In this case we would be talking about complete anonymity.

Tor is used on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

I2P- Invisible Internet Project

The I2P browser is quite different from Tor. It offers anonymity thanks to multiple levels of data streaming.

Communications are protected by end-to-end encryption (four levels of encryption).

I2P is based on the tunneling system, according to which the sender creates a tunnel for the outgoing data and the receiver receives a tunnel for the incoming data. The data is transferred from one to the other through these tunnels, and thus they are protected.

I2P is one of the browsers that offer great security without installing a VPN.

Subgraph OS

Subgraph is an open source Dark Browser, based on Tor. It is essentially an operating system. Subgraph OS uses Kernel hardening, Metaproxy, Sandboxing, Package security, Application network policies, and file system encryption. All this enhances network security.

Integration of sandboxing is very important as it keeps internet activity isolated and if malware is detected, the user will not be in danger.

Subgraph also has an instant messaging service, called CoyIM, and an email client, called Icedove, to offer as much security as possible when communicating.


TAILS is a live operating system that targets the complete anonymity and privacy of users. It is used on any computer with a USB stick or DVD.

Uses the Tor network and encodes messages, files and E-mail, thus providing full security and anonymity when communicating with users.

While TAILS is enabled, your normal operating system is deactivated.

This is a simple and secure dark web browser that will leave you satisfied.


Whonix is ​​also a Tor-based operating system.

Whonix is ​​extremely powerful and along with Tor's links it offers full protection to users. No software, as advanced as it may be, can not give a third party the ability to locate the IP address of the users.

In addition, Whonix allows users to install and use their server without being noticed by others.

Finally, Whonix has a 'Data Stream Isolation' as it does not use the same TOR output nodes.

Whonix is ​​probably one of the best Dark web browsers. However, as we have seen, most rely to some extent on the Tor browser, making it the dominant site in Dark web browsers.

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