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Home security Firewall: Positive and negative you need to know

Firewall: Positive and negative you need to know

Firewall is defined as Firewall, as a set of systems applied to authentication and the way users access and use networks. Although the firewall is very important for it protection of data, network users and network devices, has some weaknesses.

Advantages of Firewall:

Firewall helps organizations implement their security policies and security measures.

In addition, it implements access controls, where access to certain network services can be assigned selectively to specific groups through authentication.

It also allows network administrators to evaluate and track network traffic.

Finally, it can alert network owners and users to any suspicious network activity.

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Disadvantages of Firewall:

Since firewalls are often implemented as gates or bridges between networks, attacks from the network system are not detected by the firewall. For example, if a user with access rights, knowingly or unknowingly, provides access to certain services to another user without access, the firewall will not detect it.

It can only filter out intruders that go through the firewall, so if one hacker has a way to pass around the firewall, it will not be detected.

It requires a number of well-structured security policies to function properly. Firewalls can not protect networks with excessive rules and policies.

If someone is licensed, the protection or filtering capability of the firewall is limited. For example, if a user is licensing a spam email to log in to the inbox, the email filtering firewall will not stop emails from the excluded address, even if it has malicious links and viruses.


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