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Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

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Hackers take advantage of routers to steal data-Ways of protection

hackersSome researchers, by Nationwide Building Society, they decided to do a study to see how hackers are trying to access the victim's personal data.

The researchers found that the 17% of the people who participated in research (over 2.000 people) do not believe hackers can use their routers to spy on them and steal information.

Approximately half of consumers (47%), when buying a router, do not change the password. The 32% of those who have changed the code, admit that they did not do so as soon as they bought the router. For some time they used the default password.

An inappropriate password can endanger personal data of users. Hackers have developed many methods to break weak or common codes.

39% of respondents said the reason they did not change the code on their router is that they do not know how to do it. But a huge percentage (47%) of those who have changed, use very simple and common codes that can easily be predicted and thus broken. Things get worse when someone uses the same password for many different services.

Researchers suggest users use difficult codes and change them after a while to make sure they are safer.

People may not believe that hackers can use their router and make them hurt; in fact, however, hackers can do a lot of things if they get access. They can redirect the user to malicious sites or make it download a malware, destroy the router, and even use a router to attack others, hiding their traces in this way.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of people who use public Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, putting their data at risk, since public Wi-Fi can be more easily hacked by hackers.

About 23% of respondents said they have been banking online or have used banking applications, being linked to a public Wi-Fi. This may have compromised their financial data. According to the survey, most people who did this (38%) were aged 25-34.

Also, many come into their emails while they are in a public network (56% of participants). Hackers can use information they get from email, and cheat on the user. For example, if they know that someone has to make a payment, hackers can trick him and get that money.

Routers play a critical role in the security of our data. If we do not take it into account, we can seriously endanger personal information and economic data.

Many times we have to use a public network to do an emergency job, but this is even more dangerous. Hackers are always alert and expect a wrong move.

Data protection tips

  1. Change his password router: The default password is not random. So it is necessary to change it and use a more difficult and complex code.
  2. Regular execution firmware patches: Updates to the router are as important as our computer updates. We need to make updates to protect ourselves from new threats.
  3. Avoid using sensitive information when linking to public Wi-Fi: Hackers can easily breach public networks, so we do not have to enter personal or financial data when we connect to them. Wherever possible, it is good to use a VPN.
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