Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

According to an Italian security researcher named Filippo Cavallarin, macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and younger are vulnerable to a ...
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The Pentagon: Educates the cyber-squire for a world war on a deserted island!

The Pentagon: Few have access to Plum Island in which a secret branch of the US government is located and performs exercises ...
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New generation malware and ways of protection: What you need to know

Every day we hear about new attacks by hackers on companies, organizations, and even individuals. The worrying is that the scammers ...
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Google Play Protect protects your device from malware. Turn it on!

Due to the recent vulnerability of WhatsApp that enabled hackers to remotely install spyware on both ...
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Hackers stole sensitive NederWoon customer information

A home rental company, NederWoon, has been hit by hackers. Hackers managed to get into the company's systems ...
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Do you make online purchases from India? Hackers are waiting in the corner!

Hackers have turned to a country with over 450 million users smartphone and over 550 millions of Internet users, India.

The country has 366 million internet subscribers in urban areas and 194 million in rural areas, according to the latest Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report.

According to Sophos senior security adviser John Shier, organizations are struggling to deal with phishing and other attacks in India.

"Most people do not believe that computer-based education (CBT) is effective and they are looking for ways to improve their defense against users who are victims of hackers," Shier said in a statement.

A KPMG report revealed that almost 86% of consumers in India are worried about tapping their talks or stealing or misusing their messages through their devices.

Hacker. (File Photo: IANS)

About 87% of consumers are concerned that retailers will abuse or distribute their information unnecessarily.

According to Gauri Bajaj, Tata Communications's Cybersecurity Director (APAC), the adoption of cyber security remains a key challenge.

Phones and mobile devices such as smartwatches are the next limit for cyber security.

It is not enough to have one IT Security Team but a strong culture around security is the next step in raising awareness about safety, experts say.

Be sure to click on emails from unknown sources or agreements that seem quite real.

Cybercriminals use spam to attract victims to bogus websites. Businesses should educate employees about how to locate one Phishing case.

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