230,000 users became malware target in the second quarter of 2019

230,000 users became malware target in the second quarter of 2019

More than 230.000 users targeted malware infection efforts in the second quarter of 2019, according to ...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What is and how to protect yourself?

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Windows 10 May 2019 Update: 5 New Features Come!

Microsoft is known to serve its users with two major updates of Windows 10 each year. The first major update, which was codenamed "19H1" for months, has been officially named as the Windows 10 May 2019 update, which is expected to be released to everyone by the end of May.

Windows 10

Window 10 update May 2019 may be the first major update to 2019, but it does not bring such major changes. Microsoft has made some improvements and added a number of new features. So if you do not "follow" the latest versions in Windows 10, there are 5 new features that will come with Windows 10 May 2019 Update:

5 new features in Window 10 May 2019 Update

Note: The screenshots that are attached below are downloaded on a Windows 10 Home Insider Preview build number 18875.1000 computer with all the important features of the update.

  1. Light Theme

One of the biggest changes faced by users in updating Windows 10 May 2019 should be the new "Light" theme, which is exactly the opposite of what most users want. However, there seems to be a decent number of light user users out there, whom Microsoft makes happy with a cleaner interface.

I have not actually used the light theme on Window 10 PC, but during the short period I tried it, it made me realize that Microsoft has done a pretty good job. It looks beautiful with everything from the taskbar, start menu, Action Center, Settings and other UI elements that are almost white.

I still prefer the dark theme, to be honest, regardless of Window 10 UI of all the applications I have on my phone. If they have a dark theme, I turn to them right away.

  1. Cortana & Search separately

Windows 10 May 2019 Update brings Cortana and Search in separate ways, which can be unfortunate for some. When you have not activated the thumbnail mode, you will now see that the taskbar hosts the search box and the Cortana icon separately. This means that you can now just hit the search box and work with Windows 10 PC with the voice assistant not getting confused on your feet.

Windows 10

Cortana's basic quests and experiences remain untouched in this briefing. Clicking on the search bar now shows your top applications and recent activities, while the Cortana icon simply displays the voice capability. You can no longer type your Cortana queries, which is a huge loss for the users who prefer it.

Microsoft has not changed much in this section apart from splitting the two functions, but I expect to see major changes here in the next update.

  1. Window Update Simplified

This is the one feature that users will surely love in this update. Microsoft finally fixes the biggest problem with Windows 10 updates, recognizing all user complaints. It will not force you to make the new updates when you open your computer but you have to click on the install button in Settings to enable the update.

Windows 10

Window 10 PC will let you know when a new update is available, but it's entirely up to you when and when you want to install it. However, the update will become mandatory when support for the version you run is over in eighteen months. This is an important step towards simplifying Window 10 updates and user control.

  1. UI settings

In addition to the light theme, this important update of Windows 10 also introduces some minor changes to the Settings interface. Microsoft has just been improved and organized. The Settings page will now begin to display the status of Microsoft Account, OneDrive, and updates. If you connect a smartphone to Windows 10 PC, this new top banner will also display the status "Your Phone".

Microsoft slowly pulls the features from the legacy dashboard and adds them to Settings Settings. It includes cursor & pointer options, cleaner logging options, and a range of new ease-of-access options along with Fluent Design improvements.

  1. sandbox

While Home users will not try the new Sandbox feature in the Window 10 May 2019 update, this feature will be available to Pro and Enterprise users. Sandbox is a feature for energy users as well as for privacy lovers who are careful about what they download from Internet.

Windows 10

Windows Sandbox lets you run .exe programs, which are not sure whether they are safe or not, by running them on a virtual machine - isolated from your actual operating system. This way you can test programs and check their security (avoiding malicious programs or ransomware) without interfering with the original Windows 10 experience. If they are safe, then you can go ahead and install the program on your real operating system without fear.

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